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Paris Ballet:
From Belgium:  Les Ballets c_de_la .be



It was the French under King Louis the XIV who invented Classical Ballet, and the City of Paris was the site-community in which the new dance innovation was danced to the public.  Opera de Paris is the continuation of this creative heritage, and service to the public good. Below is picutre one of their creative performances La Guerre et la Paix.

Le Guerre et la Paix

Videos - Movies Left: LOUVRE PARIS DANCE 2007 [] Center: Paris Dance Delight 2006 DVD Preview[]Right: Azaria au Paris Dance Delight


Paris Dance Festival
Les Etés de la Danse
Please visit the festival website for full details of the programme.

About Dance and Paris ParisDanse dot Com [ WebSite ]


Wanted ~ do you have a wekkly social dance in the communities being serviced by theis WebSite then have it registered [ here - WebPage ].

MSN Discussion Group on Euro Dance Culture [ WebSite ]

International National Cultural Fiesta Movement  Dance Culture [ WebSite ]




See our frames portal below.

Dance News, Paris, France .  Got dance news?  Send a press release to Dance News, Paris, France.  We'll report it!  RMC/Editor




Ithaca Dance Story Shorts.
All dance styles included


Ballroom Dance Classes:

Ballroom in Paris France [ BlogSite ].  This is a weblog of the Ballrom action in Paris France.  As a Blog, this allow an archive on this WebPage.

Ballroom Dance Class / Classes ( Student Ithaca Notes ).
Ballroom Dance Cities [ WebSite ] Ballroom Dance Cities.

Latin Dance Classes:

Studio Harmonic  5, Passage Taillandiers, Paris - +33 1 48 07 13 39

Salsabor Academy

At Salsabor Academy

At Salsabor Academy

Latin Dance Class / Classes ( Student Ithaca Notes ).
Mambo Dance Classes [ WebSite ]
Samba Dance Classes [ WebSite ]
The Latin / Salsa Dance Cities [ WebSite ]

Paris Latin ( Salsa ) Dance [ BlogSite ]A BlogSite listings of all those WebSite and BlogSite which are about Latin dance in Paris, France-yet do not have a link exchange program.

Swing Dance Classes:

East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop Dance Class / Classes ( Student Ithaca Notes ).

Swing Dance Cities [ WebSite ].

Voted most popular dance clubs in Paris, France:


6, rue Fontaine, Paris, France 75009 · 53-21-07-33

114, rue Oberkampf, Paris, France 75011 · 40-21-70-95

Le Gibus

18, rue du Fbg-du-Temple, Paris, France 75011 · 47-00-78-88

Le Queen

102, av des Champs-Elysées, Paris, France 75008 · 53-89-08-90

Rex Club

5, bd Poissonnière, Paris, France 75002 · 42-36-83-98

Five Dance Cards Links:
Ballroom Dance Classes  Paris :
Hot Hip Hop Action in Paris:
Latin Dance Classes Paris
Paris Swing - Lindy Hop Dance Classes

International Dance News Portal:

The American Online Publication Dance 4 America

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Paris - Dance : Dance Links [ BlogSite ]

Mambo [ WebPage ]

Cities that supports the Ballet culture [ WebPage ]

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Dance Supplies, Dresses, Etc.


Latin Dance Dresses
Internet Show Rooms ( One )

Pensionen ~ Pensionen in Europe's Capitals.


Miss Somaya Reece

Supporting Links:

The Latin / Salsa Dance Cities.
Galleries at Paris ~ Dance in Paris- Old Master Drawings and Art search engine
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