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Welcome !
WebCam Strasbourg Curieux - Ville et Monuments [ CamSite ]

In the French province of Alsace sits a lovely Village community of Strabourg. As per ... Le site officiel de la Communaute Urbanine et de la Ville de Strasbiurg. Pour anticiper les resques lies a la Chateur, la Ville de Strasbourg [ WebSite ] - The Offical Village of Strasbourg WebSite. The academic life is also richj and varied - Bienvenue sur la portail de l'Education Nationale en Alsace [ WebSite ] - The Academic - Academie de - WebSite of Strasbourg. To take a look at two examples of the private sector of Ville de Strasbourg are C.R.D.P Alsace - Resources Generales - Cathedrale de Strasbourg - le satuaire [ WebSite ], and Gaz de Strasbourg - Distribeur gaz sur une grande partie de Bas - Rhin [ WebSite ] - A Gas distribution company.

This BlogSite is part of an Infra - City National Cultural Communications BlogSite program between the cities of Strasbourg, and Paris, France [ WebSite ]. Moreover, this part of a larger effort to provide an Inter - City Cultural Communications WebSite program between the cities of Paris, France, and Ithaca, New York [ WebSite ]. This is also to faciliate the development and communication network to focus on the significant European issue of Cultural Democracy. Ithaca impact upon European Nationalism and repple effects upon European Unity. thereafter its full implcaitions to the United States.

The emerging and existing communications network:

Euro-Quest MSN - Discussion group [ HubSite ] The Ithaca Cultural Directory [ WebSite ] International Cultural ( Dance ) Resources [ WebSite ]


Roger M. Christian

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TF1 - WebCam
[ CamSite ]

EU Parliament Building in Strasbourg

The historic city of Strasbourg, Leicester‚€™s twin since 1960, is often called the ‚€˜Crossroads of Europe‚€™. Situated in the Alsace region in Eastern France, it is a thriving centre of culture and tourism. It is the capital of Alsace, famous for its gastronomy, vineyards and breweries. Strasbourg is on the Rhine, which here separates France and Germany. With a famous 12th Century Gothic cathedral and a delightfully picturesque riverside quarter known as Petite France, it is the seat of the European Parliament and of the Court of Human Rights. The city has a state-of-the-art tram system and its own airport. Link to Strasbourg website. Link to City of Leicester European Twinning Association.

EU - Council of Europe Strasbourg

The Council of Europe is the continent's oldest political organisation, founded in 1949.

Political aims
The Council of Europe's Vienna Summit in October 1993 set out new political aims. The Heads of State and Government cast the Council of Europe as the guardian of democratic security - founded on human rights, democracy and the rule of law. Democratic security is an essential complement to military security, and is a pre-requisite for the continent's stability and peace.

During the Second Summit in Strasbourg in October 1997, the Heads of State and Government adopted an action plan to strengthen the Council of Europe's work in four areas: democracy and human rights, social cohesion, the security of citizens and democratic values and cultural diversity.

The Council of Europe's third Summit of Heads of State and Government, held in Warsaw on 16 and 17 May 2005, concluded by adopting a political declaration and an action plan laying down the principal tasks of the Council of Europe in the coming years:
- promoting the common fundamental values of human rights, the rule of law and democracy;
- strengthening the security of European citizens, in particular by combating terrorism, organised crime and trafficking in human beings;
- fostering co-operation with other international and European organisations.

Today, the Organisation continues to grow while at the same time increasing its monitoring to ensure that all its members respect the obligations and commitments they entered into when they joined.


• groups together 46 countries, including 21 countries from Central and Eastern Europe,
• has application from two more countries (Belarus and Montenegro),
• has granted observer status to 5 more countries (the Holy See, the United States, Canada, Japan and Mexico),
• is distinct from the 25-nation European Union, but no country has ever joined the Union without first belonging to the Council of Europe,
• has its headquarters in Strasbourg, in north-eastern France

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