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Somaya Reece


Paris Art, Artists, and Galleries Blog Reports.

Traces: Cecile Tissot and Francois Lannes
Northend, Paris, FR France

Northend is putting together a show on the theme of TRACES. In a private home, which also functions as an exhibition and concert space in a popular part of Paris (the flea market), they are showing Cecile Tissot’s latest sculptures, as well as paintings by Francois Lannes from May 29 to June 11, 2006. The artists had a show together in London 5 years ago. Recently they realised they were working on the same theme, “traces”, so decided to show their work together again. - Read Indepth Article at

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The Louvre
" De Louvrea "

Claude Monet - Rouen Cathedral
Click on for more information.

Rouen, France
See BlogSite on Rouen Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC.
Built around 1200, Rouen Cathedral established Gothic architecture as promenant throughout Europe and for an additional 600 years too!.  Of course Cluade Monet would be " Impressed ", and thus began an artistic revolution known as Impressionalism.  For more detailed information, click on the left hand one of Monet's paintings ( he did several, and there are still paintings which are still missing unkown list of rare art ) of The Rouen Cathedral.   RMC

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After six years of work the much awaited reopening of the Orangerie Museum has opened it's doors this week.  The simmering set of grand waterscapes by the French Impressionist Claude Monet is back on pubic view and now seen in a new light as the painter intended.  
The museum officially reopened to the public on May 17.  The national museums 28.9-million euro redesign also provides a new 1,000-square-metre exhibition space for one of the country's major collections of Impressionist and modern art.
The new museum restores to prominence Monets 'Les Nympheas' a monumental set of eight two-metre high canvases depicting ponds and water lilies. A 1960s redesign had obstructed a skylight over the long oval rooms designed by the artist to house the canvases, depriving them of natural light.  Monet painted the Nympheas between 1914 and 1926 at his French country home in Giverny, in the northwestern region of Normandy. He offered them as a gift to France in 1918 following the end of World War I.  The artist intended the Nympheas rooms, with the soothing colors of the water scenes, to be an "asylum of meditation," according to information panels in the museum.
The museums other holding, the Walter-Guillaume collection, comprises 144 canvases by painters including Auguste Renoir, Paul Cezanne, Henri Matisse, André Derain, Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani and Henri Rousseau.
The 1852 Orangerie building stands next to Paris Place de la Concorde in the Tuileries public gardens, where it was built as an annex of the nearby Louvre museum.
Originally opened in 1927 housing the Monet paintings, the museum was expanded in the 1960s to accommodate the Walter-Guillaume collection after it was sold to the state by the widow of the Parisian collector Paul Guillaume.
By the time it closed in 2000 for renovation, 500,000 visitors a year were flocking to the museum.
A team led by architect Olivier Brochet set out to undo certain features of the 1960s design, making the Nympheas directly accessible from the entry hall and removing an extra concrete floor that had been installed over their display rooms.
For the Walter-Guillaume collection, they dug out a new space below ground level, also lit by natural light and including an auditorium and a 500-square-metre room for temporary exhibitions.
But the reopening was delayed by an archaeological find in the ground below the museum. Workers discovered a 55-metre stretch of a 16th-century defensive town wall cutting across the area scheduled to house the temporary exhibition space.  The government ruled that the archaeological remains should be preserved, obliging architects to alter the planned shape of the exhibition space so the stones could remain in their historical position.
The 20-metre stretch of the wall has become part of the museums exhibition now visible inside the renovated Orangerie. Overall the space of the museum has been almost doubled to 6,300 square meters.
Musée de l'Orangerie
Jardin des Tuileries  tel: 01 44 77 80 07
open everyday except Tuesday.  Entry for individuals 12:30pm - 7pm  Until 9pm on Fridays.
Entrance fee: 6.50 Euro





Artist on the edge of creativity - The Renewed Avante Garde! 


French Artist and Blogger.



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