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Det Kongeige Teater ( The Royal Theatre ): is where the tradition and creation of the Danish classical ballet style was developed.  Among, this traditon is the Blue Ballet which was Denmarks creative answer to the challenged by the famous " Red Shoes Ballet. " Since we are focusing on traditions there is the Bournonville celebrations too! It is all here in this editorial quip's included WebSites.  Just click them own, and enjoy. -


Old Danish national costumes are something the museums are always pleased to exhibit. The garments are beautifully made and richly colored. But 'national dress' is in fact somewhat of a misnomer because there was no single type of costume worn all over Denmark. One of the main features of peasant costumes of the 18th and 19th century was actually their individual character. 
For about 150 years the peasant costume had the form with which we are familiar from painting and general scenes of everyday life. The period was from about 1750 to 1900, and much of the clothing was home-made in one way or another. 'Home-woven' did not necessarily mean the fabric was woven at home, merely that the yarn had been spun at home from wool or flax which the peasant and his wife and helpers had harvested.  

Before enclosure of common land about 1800, most Danes lived in village communities, with farm holdings built close together. The people lived physically and socially dependent on reciprocal aid. When a new cottage needed building or plastering with mud or when wool had to be carded and spun, the young folk from the village would assemble and help in the work - and the woman of the house would supply food and drink for her 'guests'. This mutual aid system also worked well in times of illness or accident. 

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