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New Prague Dance Festival 2007

Let me invite you once again to be a part of our NEW PRAGUE DANCE FESTIVAL COMPETITION & WORKSHOP (from 1.7. to 7.7. 2007) in Prague and to spend wonderful moments together with other dancers and friends in the Golden capital – Prague.

If you would like to fill up the registration form, you can do it online: (in the bottom of the page) or we can send you the registration form together with the NEW POSTERS, a CD and INFORMATION about the whole Festival, Competition and Workshop.

The price is 489 euro/person and we offer discounts for bigger groups (the leader of each group is free of charge and also every 21st participant of the group doesn´t have to pay!). In the price there is included all the best what Prague can offer: sightseeing, trips, cruise on the Vltava river on boat, visit to the Prague´s Castle, masterclass – workshop every day, shopping, possible visit to the galleries or other places of your interest and many other interesting things…

And of course the possibility to rehears and perform in front of the audience and the jury!

Prague is a culture center and each person can enjoy this amazing atmosphere together with the family members, friends or simply with the other dancers and their accompanying people.

The last evening we will award the prizes in many categories and all participants will enjoy it all together in a special place, where all of us will have a festive dinner and will make a promise to continue in this beautiful tradition.
Each culture consists of various aspects, which mutually seek and meet each other, and multiply on the theatre scene without borders! We sincerely hope, our dance festival – contest is this case. It is an original and unique cultural event in the area of amateur – non-professional dance in the heart of Europe!

Well, do not hesitate to come this summer to Prague and take a part in the 11th edition.

For further details, do not hesitate to write us or see our web sites:

Yours sincerely,

David Pospisil


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