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Interview with Perter Schaufus
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Schwarz-Weiss Berlin Dance club, Tanzsport club Schwarz-Weib, established in 1922 to teach ballroom in Berlin, and where the original Deutsche sweng ( the Berlin style of swing was started ). was initiated in 1934.  Dance for Fun [ WebSite ].
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New Choreography from Jirí Bubenícek in Zurich
On 1st September Zurich Ballet celebrated its first première of the season in the Zurich Opera House. The mixed bill included the choreography "Le souffle de l'esprit" from Jirí Bubenícek, Principal of Dresden SemperOper Ballet.

The artist, who has been given many awards for his choreography work, introduced himself for the first time in Zurich and, with music from Johann Sebastian Bach and stage design by his brother Otto Bubenícek, he created something which received a great response from both, the public and the press.

The Neue Zürcher Zeitung in its online edition wrote:
Jirí Bubenícek, Principal of the Dresden Semperoper, is introducing himself with "Le souffle de l'esprit" as a choreographer committed to elegance and beauty. (…) Bubenícek’s "Le souffle de l'esprit" captivates with the suppleness of the movements.

The Zürcher Oberländer:
For the piece created specially for Zurich Ballet “Le souffle de l'esprit”, he (the choreographer) was on the one hand inspired by the work of Leonardo da Vinci and on the other hand he dedicated the ballet to his two grandmothers Olga and Maria – “Ballet is woman”. The music follows these wide-reaching guidelines and ranges from Bach to the composition of his twin brother Otto. Da Vinci’s universal visual language, in which the dream of flying, the beauty and charm of humankind is contained along with the destructive power of war machinery, is translated into dance in front of sepia coloured, quietly smiling pictures of the Virgin Mary with a precision beyond comparison, with wit and ironic references to the classic language of ballet. With “Le souffle de l'esprit” Bubenicek has created a ballet which captivates with its power, its soulfulness and its intensity.
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