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Berlin is known for nightlife Cabarets:
A city of a Cabarets  With very ole vintage films made both in America and Germany itself - especially between WWI and WWII there were popular depictions of the Berlin cabaret.  Christopher Isherwood only romanticized what was indeed a tough room in which to perform, and he as well as other were successful in their efforts to imprint the International trendsetters forever about this popular genre as Berlin's entertainment innovative genre.  So much so.... Thus was to no surprise the first thing both the British, French, American and Soviet troops, themselves on their own, were to first rebuld were the cabarets.  Even today these very same cabarets are very popular among visitors of today, and for good reason. A lot romance happened as a result.


Marlene Dietrich was the first German actress to make it big in Hollywood. Her career as a singer started in Berlin in the 1920s as a cabaret singer and actress. It wasn't until her role as Lola-Lola in The Blue Angel in 1929 that her breakthrough as a world-famous singer materialized with her first popular song Falling In Love Again. Although she detested the song, it became synonymous with her celebrity as a performer.

In the late 1930s, the Nazi Party officially invited her back to the Fatherland but she declined to return. Germany never forgave her for this act, even after the days of the Third Reich had long passed. Her decision to distance herself from her homeland was solidified even further by her recording of anti-Nazi songs such as
Lili Marlene. [ Source ]

In several American films after WWII this night spot was must inclusion in both the movie script, and if there was a location shot in Berlin, there would be a local star making a cameo showing as well.  The musical Cabaret to most observers who were there during the period was some-what accurate depiction but did not happen, however, all in one cabaret though-more like a concentrated depiction of what happen at least three cabarets combined.  The floor-show's action gleam, smoke filled atmosphere, multitude of perfume scents wondering in and about, and costumed glitters along with darken curtain gives you a sense of the actual action which was going on according to one occupying GI-Cold War Veteran.
The Berlin Cabaret, especially with its on sight closeness performer - audience intimacy is a tough competitor for New York City's Broadway blockbusters to beat. Even now you still still find 30's brimed hats along with trenchcoated males, and cross dressing or dazzingly very skimpy dressed dark netted hosed clad females appearing in cabaret scenes through out Berlin.  Also, these styles and dress genre, including cross dressings female habits has had a profound impact upon the gothic culture as well. There is simply no other nightlife like it. A real 1930s time lock.

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An Inter - City Cultural Communications WebSite Program between the European Cities of Athens, Berlin. Copenhagen, Kiev, London., Madrid, Moscow, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Rome, and The American City of Ithaca, New York.  Facilitating this is very easy,  building an effective web site, with online community users makes a huge difference in increasing interests, civic pride responsiveness, and torist-visitor satisfaction.
And you can too use this site to provide how you love your own community, and explain the dance venues, theatres, resturants or the night hot spots your community has to offer. People don't want to spend time figuring out where to go, so your imput is very important.
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washington dc nightlife lips magazine reporting in.  washington dc nightlife models too

Festivals in and around Berlin, Germany - Where everyone still enjoys a parade.

Berlin Jazz Festival   June

JazzFest Berlin (also known as the Berlin Jazz Festival) is a jazz festival based in Berlin, Germany. Originally called the "Berliner Jazztage," it was founded in 1964 in West Berlin by the Berliner Festspiele. It is considered one of the world's premier jazz festivals.

Berlin Photography Festival October

Transmediale  February

Berlin, Germany coming soon is your own Social Calendar. Here you post your organization's ongoing weekly events and activities.  The easy interactive online form is included.  See other communities Social Calendars - especially if your are travelling and may want to participate too   Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC ~ Theatre / Theater Guide [ Website ]: Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC ~ Art Gallery - Galleries, Artists, and Art Studios Guide [ WebSite ] ; The Avant Garde - Entertainment and Recreation [ WebSite ] ;Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC ~ Night Sports Clubs ~ Nite Spots Guide [ WebSite ] EuroSphere [ WebSite ];National and International Sports Fan Guide [ WebSite ] ;Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC ~ Restaurant Guide [ WebSite ] European Sports Network, RMC [ WebSite ].

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Two Life WebCams telecasting around the Berlin Museum area.
VID1 ] *******************************[ VID2 ]


DATE: February 7-17, 2008
LOCATION: Berlin, Germany

A selection of screen based media will be located within the highest profile public locations with the city and indeed the country.
Also plasma screens will be placed within the VIP areas of the festival and will broadcast a combination of exclusive live and recorded video footage covering the event and its associated goals.

Location 1: Potsdamer Platz – RED CARPET [7th – 17th February]
Location 2: Alexander Platz [7th – 17th February]


Everyone who goes to Berlin during this period will definitely go to the POTSDAMMER PLATZ.
Potsdamer Platz is one of the most popular attractions of the New Berlin. With its mix of restaurants, shopping opportunities, theatre and cinemas, both Berliners and tourists are drawn in to pass the time.


A plaza much like Berlin – with an aloof charm and cosmopolitan yearnings, and marked by the ups and downs of history.

Anyone looking for the hustle and bustle of a big city should visit Alexanderplatz. This is where three subway lines intersect and the tram and S-Bahn urban railway also pass by. Half a million people transfer at “Alex” daily. The second screen is located directly on the legendary Alexanderplatz, the historical centre of Berlin.

Videos on Berlin ( NightLife )

Messe Berlin Hotels Messe Berlin is a service company specializing in the organization of regional, national, and international trade shows, exhibitions, and conventions.



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Israel Information Center Ithaca

Pro Israel of Pro Peace ? : Then you should click on both logos to WebSites on the Middle East, and come to your own understandings first.  What this does, and the WabSites themselves, is to present a balanced focus.  Thus, the Israel Informational Center Ithaca on your right, helps you to understand some of the sociocultural dynamics, and culture of Israeli Life.  While the The Foundation for Arab - Israeli Reconciliation-Ithaca, New York gives you insite on how you can assist in devloping personal connections-primarily within the private sector.  These conditions, especially the processes involved, helps modify a balanced, yet very needed percpetion. 
It is the ordinary meetings of indiviudals, talking about common issues, drinking coffee, and if you are male - about women, and if you are a women -about males, and so forth -which leads to more helthy human relationships, than political rethoric which cause terrorisms and political anxieties.  This is private sector at it's best, and then later when issues are decided by the " hopefully elected leadership " then, the human resources are already there to insure the peace.  What you would have done in working from a balanced percpetion is to allow those human resources be developed.
Mr. Roger M. Christian.

European Fashion - Trend Setters
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Additionally:  Those who wish to co - discover the social and cultural aspects of Zionism are encourage to join the MSN Disscussion Group Israel Information Center Ithaca [ MSN - GroupSite ].  Also the main [ Hub - WebPage ]

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The Central [ WebSite ] " For " Cultural Democracy: An Internet too to facilitate the development of The Center for Cultural Democracy, Ithaca, New York.
The National and International [ Sports ] Fan.

The Foundation for Arab - Israeli Reconciliation -
Ithaca, New York

The Foundation for Arab - Israeli Reconciliation - Ithaca, New York: [ Hub  - WebSite ] [ GroupSite ]:  The most powerful element in the promotion of human understanding has always been based upon social and cultural commonalities which exist between peoples.  This is facilitated by Intercultural Communications, and as such expands the human frontiers of the human adventure of discovery - or discoveries:  FAIR is such a porcess to promote acknowledgment of commonalities which exist wihtin the Middle East.
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A new promotion to promote more InterCultural Communications both locally for Berliners, but for the rest of the world.  Especially when it involves something which is most fun to do.  Dance ! 
Go to this WebSite and find the category which fits your weekly social dance and fillout the online form on this site.  It is all very simple !

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Salsa Wild of The Falcon and Doves Dance Troupe: Experience helpful, but not necessary.  We will train internally.  On going auditions are for placement only in one of three divisions ~ amateur ~ pro-amateur ~ professional.  Onlin applications are found on this Website too !

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Got a dance of audition related job?  Or are you initiating a management - directors search ? Then goto [ Arts Search ], and fill out the online user forms.  The later you will find you posting on Ithaca Dance Performance Network Page Two [ Jobs Board ]

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These are samples of Bloggers in the Berlin area.  Note is that they are far more technical, and have a tendency to lean professionaly with computer technologies.  Like the one , the logo-button, on your left.  The others are Simon Roberts [ Journal - Photo - BlogSite ], and Steffen Krause, his picture is below [ BlogSite ].

One of Berlin's Newest Images,
Steffen Krause of Berlin's Microsoft Division.

Note: This is written In German.

Technorati largest of the Blog and WebSites links representing Berlin, Germany [ BlogSite - WebSite ]
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Berlin Life    Also, there is Berlinfo.Com [ WebSite ].  Please mote, this WebSite has not been updated since 2003-nonetheless all the links are still active.  This adds to the context of the overall mission of  this WebSite series. Additionally there is [ WebSite ]. Berlin Chat [ Group ]


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