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" Creativity and solid performances are the hall - mark of this school "- I Love Dance.

Latina Danza de Arte
A complete Latina Danza de Arte encyclopedia is everything you need to know, from Son to  Paso Doble / FlamenccZ.... really. Includes daily -hour'ly rehersals, choreogtraphy updates -- never have out-of-date reference creative moves again.
Dance Troupe being developed now!


Dan " Z " ing to " da " Jazz.
Before the rise of Jim Crow.  It was the South which lead in the development of what became known to most as Lindy Hop.  History It was the rsie of racism flourishing in the South during the later part of the 19th Century, which caused many young talented Back social dancers to make it to the urban centers of the North.  There they compared social dance experienes and each creative move was socially integrated into what was then --- 1910's and 1929's as Dan " Z " ing to " da " Jazz.  A New York times report was the cause of the lable - Lindy Hop title promotion.  Nonetheless,  this American folk Dance survives today.  Powerfully too!
America's best folk Dance!

Ballroom Theatre Arts
The Classical Ballet legacy is integrated into Ballroom Dance Sport fundementals, along with modenr and lyrical dance applications and interpolation of musical scores.  the flow, or force of creafive and entertaining integrity guaranteed -- call for a quote.
The best dance performance for all occasions.

Modern  and Lyrica Dance
" Over 3000 different moves,  useful dnce techiniques,  and fun dance programs has thus been discovered. " Jackie Gleason's choreographer June Taylor of his June Taylor Dancers. ....and this was a statement  made back in 1964.  Can you imagine for a second, what has beeen happening  in this area of of dance during the last forty years since?
The best moves ever !


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