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Paris and the French Governments' Business Center.
The is the Paris NightLife you do not see in travel information pictures.


In the movies Paris is designed as a backdrop for only three things—love, fashion shows and performing artists.

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The Cultural Democracy aspect of this WebSite series was started as a result of 2 Cornell students sending in suggestions about doing something to help them and other students with their various Fall & Spring Breaks, as well as their Summers too!  Their suggestions triggered this project.  This set off further investigation in the InterCultural Communications theorectical use of the Internet which is now applied to this website.  hus this is the end of a working democratic intent, the interest of two Cornell students, of this mission and it is its visable proof.
Roger Meredith Christian


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Short Notes:
See additional information from the official tourism board of Paris, France:

Paris The Music of Angels

Some of the most moving music in Paris virberates with hidden historic unknown mysteries of times long pass through its churches, with sounds that can take you back to the Middle Ages. At Eglise de St-Eustache, rue Rambuteau, 1er Telephone: 01-42-36-31-05; Métro: Les Halles) - find out about organ pratice time schedules is the best time with less peoples to witness the magnificence of this virtual free concert.  More impartantly for both splendore in music and litergy High Mass with the organ playing and the choir singing is at 11am on Sunday.

On a Paris night, the cheapest entertainment, especially if you're young, is "the show" at the tip of Ile de la Cité, behind Notre-Dame. A sort of Gallic version of the Sundowner Festival in Key West, Florida, it attracts just about everyone who ever wanted to try his or her hand at performance.

Also popular is a stroll along the Seine after 10pm. Take a graveled pathway down to the river from the Left Bank side of pont de Sully, close to the Institut du Monde Arabe, and walk to the right, away from Notre-Dame. This walk, which ends near place Valhubert, is the best place to see spontaneous Paris in action at night. Joggers and saxophone players come here, and many Parisians arrive for impromptu dance parties.

Paris Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC

Thirsty, well you better start to head towards Paris's Ile St-Louis and stop immediately at The Café-Brasserie St-Regis, 6 rue Jean-du-Bellay, 4e, across from pont St-Louis (tel. 01-43-54-59-41; Métro: Pont Marie).

If you're caught waiting for the Métro to start running again at 5am, try the Sous-Bock Tavern, 49 rue St-Honoré, 1er (tel. 01-40-26-46-61; Métro: Les Halles or Louvres-Rivoli), open daily from 11am to 5am. Young drinkers gather here to sample from 250 varieties of beer or 20 varieties of whisky. The dish to order is a platter of mussels -- curried, with white wine, or with cream sauce; they go well with the brasserie-style fries.


Darkness blankets the ancient and cultural historic majestic city below, the whole of ones eyes then sees this City of Lights and reflects on its great name, Paris, France. Flush with excitment, heart ponding with anticipation magnificent towers, dignified monuments and artistic etched bridges are now seen through out the city's urban landscape by the glow of rustic nineteen century  and the cascading multi spectra street lamps as ones eyes starts to focus on this city of  cultural liberated energies.  Unfolding in the early eve beneath the star lighted skies above are the sidewalk-cafes, their windows relfecting the very moods of the cities diverse traditions.  Ones see unfolding boulevards strecthed out in every direction of the compass with the shinning hues of neon signs flooding the avenues and boulevards of shops, theaters, cabarets, clubs, and several magnificent hotels' grandeur.

The Parisians, themselves, at times seemingly rude, are full of prideful efforts to show off their real endeavors which is part of their night life - nightlife - social cultural environment as world wide vistors are ' just ' then prepared to enter into all their preparation, its time for real fun.  Once one starts in the evenings of adventure one desires to stop by a cafe to make first contact with a waiter - waitress, settling down for a drink of wine and then picks up a menu to make for a glorious choice of their dinner's ensemble of crafted delights.  Then when the check is paid and tips disbursed then its off to the theatre, or dance clubs where romance is the life energy of this city's mainstrom.

Here are the various districts of nightlife:

- Bastille
- Champs Elysees
- Latin Quarter
- Montparnasse
- Place de Clichy/Pigalle

This is indeed are Paris nightlifes' thoughtful introductions. So lift up your spirit for your very soul is about to be refresh in the real meaning of enjoying one's own life especailly if you have some with you in this enchanted City of Lights and nightlife extraordinaire.

Mr. Roger M. Christian

Welcome to Paris Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC. Wanted are your press releases on all cultural events and weekly social events & photos. Send via.. email below.


This is your web site!

Paris by day, or Paris by Night, Paris Night Life ( NightLife  ), RMC is to give you a taste of this wonderful and graceful city.  Moreover, the blogs which are included on this WebSite gives you a more accurate picture of what Paris is like, and what to expect.  This also indicates that bloggers are more sinsitive to what people are looking for, as well as what is needed for an enriched experience-especially the America Expats who are living in this city.  There is lot more to come.  So bookmark this WebSite.
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In the meantime, be informed that the philosophy of this WebSite is to take in the suggestions, and ideas of others who have been emailing me and filling out the OnLine user INTERNET forms. 
Paris Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC : An Inter - City Cultural Communications WebSite program, and Cultural Democracy.    This part of a World Wide special public service project by Roger Meredith Christian. The result is the innovational communication linkages between
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The Tour into the City of Paris, France.



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Paris Eiffel Tower News : Paris Eiffel Tower News is a Paris travel guide filled with many independent Paris hotel reviews, Paris photos, Paris travel information such as tours around popular monuments and landmarks, museums, restaurants, and shops.  Discover Paris with the Parisian eye!  



Merello - Modern Artists: type Poetry-Expressionism


  washington dc nightlife models too

Last Tango in Paris? At Le Tango, 11 rue au Maire, 3e (tel. 01-42-72-17-78; Métro: Arts et Métiers), memories of Evita and Argentina live on. On site is a ballroom called La Boîte à Frissons. The evening starts at 10:30pm, with couples dancing until 12:30am, featuring the waltz, the tango, pasadoble, the polka, rock 'n' roll and cha cha. After that, the dance floor turns into a disco.

Consider the Sanz-Sans, 49 rue du Faubourg St-Antoine, 4e (tel. 01-44-75-78-78; Métro: Bastille or Ledru Rollin), a multi-ethnic playground where the children of prominent Parisians mingle, testifying to the unifying power of jazz.

Additional European related Inter - City Cultural Communications WebSite programs are between the European Cities of Athens, Berlin, Copenhagen, Gdansk ( new ) Kiev, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Moscow, Oslo, Prague, Rome, and the American city of Ithaca, New York.


Notes: European Festivals Paris, France  Bastille Day: July 14th. France's July the 4th Celebration.  Joan of Arc Festival (Fêtes de Jeanne d'Arc) in Orleans France.


Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, aka Gabrielle " Coco " Chanel  and Parisian Fashions
During the early part of the 20ht Century, Women's fashion restricted the very way in which women were breathing.  Corsets, and whole sort of other unconfortable dress wear litterally restricted every thing woman had to do physically.  Then came Channel, her " le chemise " 1922 look, and dress styles took the plunge to make women's wear confortable.  The more relaxed, the better a woman looked.  Also it help in the womyn's heath issue arena too!  Paris by night became a more exciting time, everyone was entralled in living their own Paris NightLife.  Why ?  Women were finally able to breath, and fainting spells litterally became un-heard of as result.  So pictured left, one can really say, " You have come a long way." PS. " the perfume " Chanel # 5 came 3 years later.

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