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This is the resource webpage for the use of International Students / Scholars to get to know some of the social and cultural features of the area in which they are to conduct their studies and research.  Moreover, some tib - bits will be given depending upon the region involve so that making the both journey and theur stay more memorable.  It was for the reason why the critical aspect of InterCultural Communications have been applied. 
Thus, and likewise, there are associated blogs and websites so that these various sites will be more easy to understand.  The major point of this effort is to assure that they do have welcome mat in being here, and that they should as often as possible contribute back by teaching something of their own cultures in return.
Mr. Roger Meredith Christian

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Albany, New York [ Albany  Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC WebSite ] ;Binghamton, New York [ Binghamton Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC WebSite ] ; [ Brooklyn Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC WebSite ]; [ Bronx Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Commercial WebSite ] ;Buffalo, New York [ Buffalo Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC WebSite ]  Cortland, New York [ Cortland Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC WebSite ] Elmira, New York [ Elmira Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC WebSite ] Ithaca. New York  [ Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Cultural WebSite ]; [ Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY Commercial WebSite ]; [ Manhattan Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Commercial WebSite ];New York City, New York  [ New York City  Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Cultural  WebSite ]; [ New York City Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Commercial WebSite ]; New York City and State Sociopolitical Parallel WebSite InterCultural Communications Civil and Private Sector WebSite ] [ Information Please: The City of New York, New York WebSite ]; Owego, New York [ Owego  Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC WebSite ]; [ Queens Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Commercial WebSite ] ; Rochester New York [ Rochester Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC WebSite ]; [ Staten Island Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Commercial WebSite ] ;Syracuse, New York [ Syracuse  Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Cultural WebSite ]; [ Syracuse Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Commercial WebSite ];  This is an International Intercultural  Communications Networking

Resource - how to use:
Your will note all the links.  They will lead you to various topics, sociocultural discoruse, and other items relating to InterCultural Communications.  Moreover, there several graphics, pictures, and photos - some are linked to websites.  While others are not.  So you will have something to keep your time in exploring with added interests.
What you will likewise will find out is that there are other state webpages.  They are in the main similar.  Yet in some instances more different.  It all depends upon the area and available online resources to tap into. 
Most importantly, there are the available Scholarship and Granting Programs being offered specifically for International Students / Scholars.  I will try to keep them updated.
None - the - less, and for new arrivals you may want to join the International Students / Scholars Network.  This is being developed to assist you further in your social and cultural transitions - to be sure they will be many. America is a complex country.
Most of all have a good time.  Your stay, as it is hoped, will be the best years of your lives.

Visit World Wide Classical Sculptures.

Visit Brooklyn Art Project

Visit Buffalo Niagara Arts and Culture

Visit Auburn Public Theater

Visit The Backroom Short Film Festival

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Here on this part of the web page I will be placing more additional logos and text links from those groups whose function is to assist Interantional Students / Scholars.  Down below, I will likewise adding those OnLine social and cultural programs I am spinning off and creating from my  from my Night LIfe ( NightLife ), RMC Online Internet Network base. 
I am also looking for news press releases.  So if you have an item of Dance, Theatre, Social, Cultural, Crafts, Food,  Performance, Scientific Discovery, or items which deals with the scope of this International Students / Scholars OnLine program, including the Academia ~ International Students / Scholars ~ News ~ interests please email me -  see the following.........
The InterCultural Communications aspect of this site, as well as all the others websites in this cross-webbing process [ as per the footers below ] is when you take your  [ the International Students / Scholars who are reading this ] home country experiences and compare them with both the various cultural insights [ suich as the blogs on the right hand side bars ] of Americana, and the included Activities Resources and see what are the unique differences.  This prepares you immediately to understand the operating functional scope of InterCutlrual Communications - by such initial social and cultural comparisons; the personal experience of seeing  differences.
It is these unique difference with which you have to offer your fellow American Students / Scholars.  The methods in which you employ are the various forms of InterCutlrual Communications.  Thus a traditional form of national dance and its various stylings are just as significant idenity realities as lets say a seminar on your national water resources.  Both gives a more complete of not only the quality of your national character, but even more important the key factors in its character. 
Thus InterCultural Communications are employed by:
One: Performance.
Two: Employment of the various media.
Three: Course Work.
Four:  Food.
Five: Seminars.
Six: Fashions.
Seven:  Smells.
Eight:  Physical and Sexual Interactions.
Nine:  The idea of a personal faith - religious or secular.
Ten:  The perception of both human knowledge and science.
It is not the substance which should be the determined factor, but the mode of both personal pride, tempered with the adult posture of humility, which all of us have, and the willingness to share what is in fact the uniqueness of  who you actually are; the national character of your own nation.   It is not the seeking difference which is the end, but the full psychic impact of the resulting self-discovery processes which emotionally and intellegently is likewise created within both the observers and participants of InterCultrual Communications.




OnLine Resources to be listed here.
Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Sports Network .
AOL Hometown Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY.
AOL Hometown New York City Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC .
de la revue de avant de garde  : This is the news magazine " of the Avant Garde " Ithaca, New York.  Moreover, this magazine symbolizes the authentic character of the American Revolution of 1776.    fr:/  Ceci est la revue de nouvelles « du Avant Garde » Ithaca, New York. De plus, cette revue symbolise le caractère authentique de la Guerre d'indépendance américaine de 1776.




Wanted are graduate students to investigate in the selection of their thesis or to assist in vital research concerning the issues reflected in this website. Send via... email below.


or Call 607 - 279 - 9945 [ If you have a caller id block, then please leave a voice mail message.]


This is high'ly recommended, and is one of the very few items I will ever suggest you to enroll in immediately - if your are going to drive in the US / Canada.  RMC

American Automobile Association

AAA - Help on the Road and Beyond

When you hear the name AAA, the first thing that comes to mind is probably maps and emergency road service, two of the cornerstones of our organization. But these days AAA is known for much more - assisting people in many facets of their lives, including travel and lodging; auto buying, leasing, renting, and repair; financial services such as loans and credit cards; and insurance needs.


Instructional Notes:
The top portion of this web page is for general use for International Students / Scholars groups [ those with no formal organizations ]. organizations, and various International Students / Scholars Affairs service professionals through America's and Canadian Academia.
Whats on the lower section, are the various linkages for more personal use of each International Student / Scholars.  Scattered through out , later on, will be more milder topics and good clean jokes and addtional party related - suggested - links.

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Access International Education Project - A resource guide for underrepresented groups in international education.

Scholarships and Financial Aid for Study Abroad - A list of study abroad scholarships and financial aid opportunities for students of color.

The Association of International Educators - NAFSA is an association of individuals worldwide advancing international education and exchange. It serves its members, their institutions and organizations, and others engaged in international education and exchange and global workforce development.

The Institute of International Education - A global higher education agency which administers the Fulbright Program and provides training and, leadership development programs for public and private sector professionals around the world. It also initiates projects that help students and scholars worldwide, including testing and advising, scholarships, information on opportunities for international study, and emergency financial assistance.

Open Doors Online - This resourceful guide provides data and statistics on international students, scholars, U.S. study abroad programs, as well as a student visa policy forum and a community college resource. The annual “Open Doors” report is also a useful tool on topics related to international education.

IIE Passport - A resource for searching study abroad programs, with advice on how to maximize time abroad, and other informative articles and features to help students before leaving for another country.

The International Education Finance Corporation - This organization provides international student loans (Stafford and private) for U.S., Canadian and other international students.

International Education Site for Study Abroad Advice - Study abroad and university advice for students worldwide who are considering an international education.

The Council on International Educational Exchange - CIEE provides programs and services for individuals, employers, communities and educational institutions to help choose an international experience.

The International Education Financial Aid - A search site for financial aid, college scholarship and grant information for international students wishing to study abroad. The Web site has a college scholarship search and grant listings plus international student loan programs and other information to promote study abroad.

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John F. Kenndy
Creator of The Peace Corps

Going out Spots:
The leading nightlife entertainment and sociocultural venues in which these listed communities has to offer to International Students / Scholars.

New York City Theatres - Theaters


To the International Students / Scholars who are contributing to America's academia cultural, the above photo is one individual leader of an assortment of Human Honors for Culture and Science personalities representitive in the ongoing development of The American Civilization; and its growing and complex diversities.  What you see and what you are interacting with, and under the protective " IVY " of academic freedoms,  on and off campus, the lifestyles you are witnessing, came about as a result of their leadership, and what it represents to your experiences while you are here.  Good advive [ Two ] from Mr. Roger M. Christian



On this web page [ which I spell at times WebPage ] you will note that it is sectionalized to fit the region in which your academic institution resides.  None the less, as you see at the side navigation, these are other regions which are likewise represented.
The aim of constructing this web site [ which I spell at times WebSite ] as such is to not only give you a peek of whats going on at another location, but more importanly, get you to network correspondingly.
The clubs, social, dances, and proposed or on going working groups, either online, or at a local cafe' are selected to enhance personal interaction with those who have similars taste, habits, and attitudes.  This is very specific, in as much as this is to aid you in a quicker transition in developing  local sociocultrual, or sociospiritual connections so that the personal isolation traditional felt by International Students / Scholars are likewise eased.
Please be careful, and when in doubt about a local club, event or someone who approached you off campus, do not hesitate in contacting your campus International Students / Scholars Affairs Office, or Police.  This is a distinct duty in which you will find your own legs faster in walking through the cultural and social behavioral climate of America.  Good advice [ One ] from Mr. Roger M. Christian

Academia ~ New York State - Wide Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC ~ Scholars2000 Forum .
Academia ~ New York City Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC ~ Scholars2000 Forum .
The Local, National, and International Social Calendar

NorthEastern NightClubs - NightLife - Sports Bars


Blogs, Bloggers, and Journals :
These will give a wider field in which to explore.  Websites generally related to something being sold or to convince you to consider a point of view.  Blogs, bloggers, and journals, on the other hand, gives you a better picture of the community spirit and consciousness of its contributors,

The Amherst  NightLife Blog:

The Buffalo NightLife Blog:

The Cheektowaga NightLife Blog:

Cornell University: Students / Scholars Clubs .

Elmira College: Students / Scholars Clubs .

Ithaca College: Students / Scholars Clubs .

Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY InterCultural Communications [ WebSite ]

The Lackawanna .NightLife Blog:

The Lockport  NightLife Blog:

The Medina  NightLife Blog:

New York City Night Life ( NIghtLife ), RMC InterCultural Communications [ WebSite ]

Syracuse University: Students / Scholars Clubs .

Syracuse Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC InterCultural Communications [ WebSite ]

Wells College: Students / Scholars Clubs .

The Williamsville NightLife Blog:

Networking opportunities:
The items below is to assist you in obtaining wider resource access by networking through the Internet.  The sites depicted are based around keyword usage.  Your efforts, as well as your voluntary participation in the open online forums upgrades the available resources by sharing with other International Students / Scholars. The keywords usage is the attraction.  Who? International Students / Scholars. What ?  Information. Why ? To maintain a wider support based.



  Columbia University: Students / Scholars Clubs [ WebSite ]
Cornell University Clubs and Students / Scholars [ WebSite ]
Ithaca College Clubs: Students / Scholars [ WebSite ]
Science, Technologies, Public Policy and Ethics [ WebSite ]
The Love Report Ithaca Students Notes [ WebSite ]
New York University [ NYU ]: Students / Scholars clubs [ Website ] 
State University College at Buffalo - Buffalo State Clubs: Students / Scholars [ WebSite ]
State University of New York at Buffalo [ WebSite ]
State University of New York @ Binghamton [ WebSite ]
Elmira College: Students / Scholars Clubs [ WebSite ]
Syracuse University Clubs Students / Scholars [ WebSite ]
Wells College: Students / Scholars Clubs [ WebSite ]

SUNY @ Cortland  Students / Scholars Clubs .

Academia - International Students / Scholars News 



Add your Student Club  or Association's links - in - exchange  placed here:  Its very simple.  Just send the Title of your organization and its web site's  URL and email it through the above email automative GIF.

New York City - InterCultural News



Tequila Don Julio and The Mexican Museum Present Nuevo Arte

Tequila Don Julio and The Mexican Museum Present Nuevo Arte: Colección Tequila Don Julio

A national traveling art exhibition featuring Mexican and Mexican-American Artists

 Download this press release as a PDF document.

New York, NY--(HISPANIC PR WIRE)--January 24, 2007--To showcase the best in the arts inspired by Mexico, Tequila Don Julio announces its partnership with The Mexican Museum to present Nuevo Arte: Colección Tequila Don Julio, an exhibition featuring new works by some of today’s most innovative Mexican and Mexican-American artists.

Nuevo Arte: Colección Tequila Don Julio highlights contemporary and original artwork by talented artists selected by Tere Romo, curator of exhibitions at The Mexican Museum, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization with one of the most extensive collections of Mexican and Latin-American artwork in the country. To augment the museum’s permanent collection with artists whom are not currently represented, Tequila Don Julio is gifting Nuevo Arte: Colección Tequila Don Julio to The Mexican Museum.

This collection captures the cutting-edge vitality and original content of contemporary Mexican and Chicano artistic expressions

Nuevo Arte: Colección Tequila Don Julio will travel to the following art venues in 2007:

-- New York City: White Box, January 12th – February 3rd
-- Houston: New World Museum, March 15th – April 9th
-- Chicago: Aldo Castillo Gallery, April 26th – May 26th
-- Los Angeles: Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, June 13th – August 19th

This national traveling exhibition will help raise the national profile of the museum, which is currently “dark” while it awaits the construction of its new building in the Yerba Buena arts district near downtown San Francisco.

“This collection captures the cutting-edge vitality and original content of contemporary Mexican and Chicano artistic expressions,” Romo says. “The museum is excited to collaborate with Tequila Don Julio to offer art enthusiasts around the country a taste of The Mexican Museum while we await our new building.”

Artists selected for the collection were those whose works portray the highest quality of art symbolizing the creative production of contemporary Mexican and Mexican-American artists through a variety of media–from teacups to hubcap drums and blown glass to painted canvas. Highlights of artists in the collection include Dr. Lakra’s culturally-inspired piece Dentadura Expuesta, a pin-up model reincarnated with ornate tattoos; Franco Mondini-Ruiz’s La Mojado a delicate, porcelain teacup accented with cookies that look good enough to eat; and Julio Morales’s conceptual installation, Lowrider Mambo, which pays homage to the trans-cultural legacy of bandleader Pérez Prado.

“From forging new paths of artistic expression to capturing authentic traditions in a new light, creativity and innovation are surging out of Mexico,” says Joel Henry, vice president Tequila Don Julio, Diageo Reserve Group. “Tequila Don Julio, the most popular luxury tequila in Mexico, is pleased to support both rising and well-known Mexican and Mexican-American artists with Nuevo Arte: Colección Tequila Don Julio.”  

Continue ... [ see this ]

Blogs / Archive Hosts


America has a set of traditional folkways.  We as a peoples ( please note the plural of this term )have constructed over the decades and centuries a set of covenants known as traditions or folkways if you will.  They are not necessarily all the time adhered to, but all Americans none the less, understands them as American. 
Thus the listed cultural information now being provided after this explanatory comment - advise. 
the one single factor, as you likewise should be informed, is that the American revolution is the actual demonstration and political consequences thereof and pretaining to, the liberation of the middle class.  The set of folkways which emerged out of this histroical aspect, to this very day is under continual change, is the American ethos you are now a part of.  We as a peoples, as you should be likewise be cautioned,  have not made it exactly right for all of our citizen's; the central factor in the assured quarantee of this revolution is the social, cultrual and economic circumstance of assuring the critical aspect inclusion.   Good advice [ Three ] from Mr. Roger M. Christian


American dance customs since about 1870s [ traditionals ]
What is a Dance Card?  ~  What is a Catillion? ~  What is a Debutant Ball?  ~  What is a Gala / Ball ?  ~  What is a Social Dance?  ~  What is a Dance Party?  ~  What is Being a Gentlemen?  ~  What is a Lady?  ~  Special Dance Applications .

A view on American Wedding Customs:

Ithaca Wedding Album ( Sampler ) is a sample of how your wedding should be set up and celebrated by acknowledged consultants world wide.

The Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund

The Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (APIASF) is a new national organization devoted solely to the financial scholarship needs of Asian and Pacific Islander American students. The scholarship fund's historic formation is credited to founding corporations, community-based organizations and civic leaders such as McDonald's Corporation, The Coca-Cola Company, Asian McDonald's Owner/Operators Association, Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies, Organization of Chinese Americans, Southeast Asia Resource Action Center, the University of Hawai'i, Native Hawaiian Community-Based Education Learning Centers, United Negro College Fund, Hispanic Scholarship Fund and former U.S. Congressman Robert Underwood.

2006 ~ Winner Paul Park


Paul Park

Our first profile, Paul is a broadcast journalism major at Syracuse University who is spending his sophomore year abroad in France.

In a short couple of years a few things have changed in terms of education: student loan interest rates have increased, and school tuition and board rates are at their highest. Unless you’re in the top one percent of the wealthiest Americans, I find it hard to believe students and their families feel comfortable paying tens and thousands of dollars on education alone. Moreover, families with multiple children in college have a more difficult time financing it. Various organizations realize this considerable burden, and they reach out to students to help provide a quality education. The Asian Pacific Islander Scholarship Fund, or APIASF, is one exceptional organization that reaches out to the Asian and Pacific Islander community, and furthermore embodies the ideals of quality and affordable education.

When I met staff members of the APIASF in Washington, D.C., every word that came out of their mouths was only words of support and encouragement. I truly have never met a group of individuals who were so excited and optimistic about our futures. That shows that APIASF really cares, and only wants the best for all of us. Also, I was comforted by the fact that everyone I met from APIASF was so relaxed, sincere and comforting — I never expected that from such a group of professionals.

It was really exciting for me to be a recipient of a national scholarship. Two thousand dollars goes a long way. For some, it covers a term’s tuition, and for others the scholarship covers books, supplies and other fees. For me, the scholarship helped me avoid taking out loans, and deepening my family’s financial burdens. In addition, this scholarship not only covered textbooks and supplies, but it also gave me hope to continue on the path of becoming a prominent Asian American news broadcaster.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to APIASF and its supporters. The fact that numerous companies and individuals support APIASF shows their confidence in the Asian and Pacific Islander community as well as my generation to continue on to succeed and make a difference. I will always be thankful to APIASF and its supporting corporations and individuals for believing in me. I am confident that APIASF will continue to fulfill dreams and aspirations for many years to come.

After receiving the scholarship in 2005, I went on to attend Syracuse University in New York to double major in broadcast journalism and political science, and minor in French. After completing my freshman year, I decided to study abroad in France. Currently, I am enrolled at the Syracuse Center and Université de Marc Bloch in Strasbourg.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” APIASF has already made that step to become the change for our world by providing for and supporting the Asian and Pacific Islander youth. The next step is to experience and see this great achievement in our community.

Blogs / Archive Hosts
NYU New Home of Intensive Program in Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture


New York University has houses an internationally recognized intensive summer program in Yiddish language beginning in 2005. The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research’s Uriel Weinreich Program in Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture, established in 1968, also includes an in-depth exploration of the literature and culture of East European/American Jewry.

The program has drawn students from all over the world, including Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Israel, Australia, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, China, Korea, Japan, and western Europe, as well as the United States and Canada.

“All of us at NYU are delighted by this programmatic collaboration between two good neighbors, which will greatly benefit students interested in the Yiddish language and the study of Jewish culture,” said Matthew Santirocco, dean of NYU’s College of Arts and Science.

“Our collaboration with YIVO will be important for the advanced study of a historic language and culture and for the training of graduate students who represent the next generation of scholars, researchers, and teachers,” added Catharine Stimpson, dean of NYU’s Graduate School of Arts and Science. The program is situated in YIVO’s Max Weinreich Center of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research and will be run out of NYU’s Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies.

“We are very pleased to be entering into cooperation with the world-class faculty of the Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies and look forward to many years of success together,” said Paul Glasser, associate dean of the Max Weinreich Center.

“The Weinreich program will complement the offerings of NYU’s Rauch visiting professorship in Yiddish literature and culture, inaugurated in 2003, to make the university a leading center for undergraduate and graduate studies related to Yiddish,” said David Engel, director of graduate studies in the Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies. “Since the Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies already offers the largest and most comprehensive array of courses in Jewish studies outside of Israel, the initiation of a full program in Yiddish language and literature builds naturally upon one of NYU’s great strengths. Both YIVO and NYU will now be able to take full advantage of the two institutions’ physical proximity, sharing their considerable tangible and intellectual resources.”

The program’s centerpiece is an intensive language course designed to develop proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing, as well as cultural literacy, in a concentrated period of time.

This summer’s program will take place from Monday, June 27 to Friday, August 5, 2005. The YIVO Institute has been located just off Union Square, about a mile from the NYU campus, since 1999. The program was previously held at Columbia University, where founder Max Weinreich’s son, Uriel, taught linguistics from 1951 to 1967. Uriel Weinreich was noted for his contributions to Yiddish Studies, sociolinguistics, and dialectology, and for the increased acceptance of semantics as a branch of linguistics.

Since its inception, the program has graduated more than 1,300 students, including many of the leading scholars in Yiddish Studies/Jewish Studies in the world. These include Steven Zipperstein, chair and Koshland Professor in Jewish Culture and Jewish History at Stanford University; Dovid Katz, professor of Yiddish literature and founder of the Vilnius Yiddish Institute, Vilnius University, Lithuania; Ruth Messinger, former Manhattan Borough president; and Tim Whewell, correspondent for BBC Radio World Programmes.

New York University, located in the heart of Greenwich Village, was established in 1831 and is one of America’s leading research universities. It is one of the largest private universities, and collectively has more students studying abroad and more international students than any other college or university in the U.S. Through its 14 schools and colleges, NYU conducts research and provides education in the arts and sciences, law, medicine, business, dentistry, education, nursing, the cinematic and dramatic arts, music, public administration, social work, and continuing and professional studies, among other areas.

Founded in 1925 in Vilna, Poland as the Yiddish Scientific Institute and headquartered in New York since 1940, YIVO is devoted to the history, society, and culture of Ashkenazic Jewry, and the influence of that culture as it has developed in the Americas. As the only pre-Holocaust scholarly institution to transfer its mission to the United States, YIVO is the preeminent center for the study of East European Jewry and Yiddish language, literature, and folklore.


Blogs / Archive Hosts

Activities Directory




Activities Directory and the various links which are involved gives you a broad context of those social and cutlrual activities which will give you a better understanding of Americana.  Thus providing additional information resources from which you can both socially and culturally adapt better to the circumstance of your home academic institution local environments.  If for this reason why the following links are listed. Others will added later on after they are researched on.
More importantly, are included additional mean by which you may want to contribute your unique insights which directly comes from your on national experience which you have found to be more unqiue since coming the the United States.  Thus, as an immediate result you have become a valued assest int this process. Thus there are cutlrual democratic online networks which are open to you in which your present can become known and thus petitioned for additional information as a result.
This is the actual Working of OnLine InterCultural Communications.

The Avant Garde " Cultural Democracy ." [ WebSite ]. Dance Community ~ Get - Togethers [ WebSite ] New York State [ WebSite ] Socal Calendars [ WebSite ] Academia ~ Binghamton Social Calendar  ~ Binghamton Social Calendar ~ Buffalo Social Calendar   ~  Academia - University of Buffalo / Buffalo State College ~ Academia - Cortland Social Calendar  ~ Cortland Social Calendar ~ Academia -  Elmira Social Calendar ~  Elmira Social Calendar ~ Ithaca Social CalendarAcademia - Cornell / Ithaca College Social Calendar Owego Social Calendar ~ Academia - Rochester Social Calendar ~  Rochester Social Calendar  ~ Academia -  Syracuse Social Calendar ~  Syracuse Social Calendar.   La'  Avant Garde ~ Academic [ WebSite ] Les Avant Garde Entertainment [ WebSite ] Fashions [ WebSite ] Cultrual Zionism [ WebSite ] New York State [ WebSite ] Cultural Democracy Network [ WebSite ] New York State [ WebSite ] Art and Art Galleries [ WebSite ] Cultural Democracy [ Central WebSite ] Sports [ WebSite ] Cabarets [ WebSite ] La' Avant Garde [ WebSite ] New York State [ WebSite ] New York State [ WebSite ]

Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY OnLine Publications, D.B.A. * B - 104 University Park Apartments * 87 Uptown Road * Ithaca * NY * USA * 14850


~ Cross Webbing ~
The combination of these speicalized webing arrangement of sites are to give focus, and a training manual text in developing Intercultural Communications Internet Network, and the basis of its development, Cultural Democracy.  This adds a unique supportive feature in the additional developement of the Inter - Cities Cultural Communications Program initiated by Mr. Roger M. Christian.

Join " Our " International InterCutlrual Communications Forum and make a real significant difference.



InterCultural Communications Programs:
International International Communications:  There a several aspects in shared human experiences, and the aspiration they contain which bond a people to a culture and behavior.  The ongoing process of development contained within this website sequencing of websites are to give bench marks of what is entailed in various culture's and nation's experience.
InterCultrual Communications:  There is a process in how to examine then promote basic features of the full cultural experience.  This website is an interactive education - orientation process which likewise enlist additonal information by each participant of there own efforts of personal discoveries; thus will add them according to the value of the information being provided.

Index.  Arts, Crafts, and Cultural Representations ~ .Seminars on InterCultural Communications ~   .  Articles and Essays on InterCultural Communications ~ Music and Musical Expression on International Diversities ~ .  Historic Folkways ~ .Dance and Formal Folkways of Choreography ~  Fashions, Fashions as Social Icons and National Folkways ~  Childreaing Techniques ~  International Industrial Features ~  Articles on Inductrial Green Development ~ Inter - City Cultural Communications and the Internet Seminars ~  Inter - City Cultural Communications Articles and Easys ~  The Folkways of Diet and Internation Foods and Tasting ~  America's Role in Intercultural Communications ~  The Natural Enviornment ~  Environment " Important News Features Report"  ~   UC Santa CruzNational Cultural Resources ~  Email Cultural Grids ( Those with Spam Protection ) ~  Speakers Bureau ~ Links Page ~ Links Exchange Porgram ~

International InterCultural Communications and International Students / Scholars role finctions.  Here within this WebSite footer you will see several links which are connected to the major website with InterCultural Communications are it subject matter, as well as in its promotions within the Internet.  This has now proved to most effective, as you are now see thins as a result of earned google dot com rankings.
None the less, the determinates in how to translate the central them of Intercultural Communications are now determined within the scope of the definitions of what is InterCultrual Communications, InterCultural Communications and the Internet, what is InterCultural Communications to function or to be promoted as, why it should be emploted within every major academic institutions, and why it is important: Conflict Preventioning.

Classical Art Slide Show

Campus Network ~ International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement  :
Buffalo State College ~  Students / Scholars ~ Cornell University ~  Students / Scholars ~ Cortland Unversity ~ Students / Scholars ~ Ithaca College Students / Scholars ~  University of Binghamton ~ Students / Scholars ~ University of Buffalo ~ Students / Scholars ~

InterCultural Communications - Conflict Preventioning WebSite - through the conflcit preventioning program, the International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement and the associated Policy Statement which brings it to focus through the frames WebSite presentation.  The Central Thesis.