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Wanted Press Releases:
Base upon the primciple "do you want to be known."
On the following categories: 
Dance, Dance Performance, Dance Performers, Dance Events, Dance Festivals;.
Arts Festivals;
Cultural Events:
Fashion Shows; Fashion Designers; Fashion Innovations:
Intercultural Communications.
Science, Technologies, Public Policy, and Ethics;
Accommodations; Retreats;
Arab - Israeli Reconciliation;
International Students / Scholars;
Weekly Social, or Dance Events;
Theater / theater Opennings, and Show Reviews;
Actors; Actresses;
Inclusionary singnificant events;
Wireless Technologies;
Urban, or Rural Social or Cultural News;
Restaurant Reviews, Opennings; Events;
La'Avant Garde;
Art Gallery, Galleries and their Artists;
and Thing you other to know about / Trendsetters.
Your Press Release and the required single photo attachment will be decided for publication depending on its relative family value, and that its does not harm, nor in any manner what so ever to cause thereof, decriminatory behaviorisms.
The sending of all press releases by the action of they being email'ed signifys their immediate public release, and recognition thereof of their similar public domain as a result,
Mr. Roger M. Christian


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