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Here are the various creative process to gather information, and find methods of their storage which has easy access to others within our range of concern.


Wikki Free - Encyclopedia
This is one of the most high developed OnLine / Internet systems of data storage.  The text and photos are often free access, and most of the time free to republish on other sites-though there are requirement to do so. None the less, direct involvement in adding to its overall information is skilled budgeting-and thats the point!.
"Immediate action"


Collection Library of soft/wareinformation disks and access.
Here the focus is on specialized programs and their creation.  The avialabilty of Soft ware program which aids in the amssing of information, and data. 



Insourcing / Outsourcing Press Realeses.
Networking - The internet to produce incoming Press Relases.  This is an additional opportunity, as per the press realease in this web site end web page.
"PR Importance"


Database Integration
Link Exchanges, Secured Hosting, and Library Access.
This is where a stratum is developed within the emerging culture this effort implements, and by which events programing assume their community importance.  Moreover, it allows follow through after ones graduation where the experience in the United States, Canada, and Mexico assume their natural career benefits. This should indicate to those who are in the wise, that while in America-which is now an enveloped term of the geo-social inclusion of both The United States, Canada, and Mexico-study and social participation, though central, should not be the entire experience of each and every International Student / Scholar.
Experience the community.

As side note of interests:  Mine
We have here in the United States millions, as it now seems, of migrate labors who are primiarly from South America - even though the Asian are now becoming more numerous.   This is opportunity.
What this means, from my own personal point of view is that these hard working peoples should be out-reached to for these very specific factors:
  1. Access what are the conditions back in their home country, and from which calibrate a community needs assessments.
  2. Measure further interests on future jobs developments by the traning needs they wish to recieve while working in the U.S, and Canada.
  3. Determine the area of their home community's available resources, and sociocultural and socioeconomic existing structures.
  4. Confirmed all date base requirements for a think tank resolve in developing career - jobs traning program to coordinate with loans and credits for future economic development and construction of industry, or services in their home of origin.

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