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This is one the methods in which to draw upon to obtain critical and at the sametime deeply personal - expereinces, the unique differences between the home country's national social and cultural dynamics in cmparsions with the present experience here in the United States and Canada. This is first witnessed testimonies upon a borader range of individual components which are involved, and then reported and publish through the emplaced internet network.

InterCultural Communications

In this aspect, this is how InterCultural Communications are applied.

The InterCultural Communications aspect of this site, as well as all the others websites in this cross-webbing process [ as per the footers below ] is when you take your [ the International Students / Scholars who are reading this ] home country experiences and compare them with both the various cultural insights [ suich as the blogs on the right hand side bars ] of Americana, and the included Activities Resources and see what are the unique differences. This prepares you immediately to understand the operating functional scope of InterCutlrual Communications - by such initial social and cultural comparisons; the personal experience of seeing differences.

It is these unique difference with which you have to offer your fellow American Students / Scholars. The methods in which you employ are the various forms of InterCutlrual Communications. Thus a traditional form of national dance and its various stylings are just as significant idenity realities as lets say a seminar on your national water resources. Both gives a more complete of not only the quality of your national character, but even more important the key factors in its character.

Thus InterCultural Communications are employed by:

One: Performance.

Two: Employment of the various media.

Three: Course Work.

Four: Food.

Five: Seminars.

Six: Fashions.

Seven: Smells.

Eight: Physical and Sexual Interactions.

Nine: The idea of a personal faith - religious or secular.

Ten: The perception of both human knowledge and science.

It is not the substance which should be the determined factor, but the mode of both personal pride, tempered with the adult posture of humility, which all of us have, and the willingness to share what is in fact the uniqueness of who you actually are; the national character of your own nation. It is not the seeking difference which is the end, but the full psychic impact of the resulting self-discovery processes which emotionally and intellegently is likewise created within both the observers and participants of InterCultrual Communications.

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