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Asian Sports


International youth athletes to bond at Singapore 2010 Friendship Camp

1. Youth athletes from around the world will gather for the Singapore 2010 Friendship Camp (SFC) from 8 to 12 December 2009. A total of 417 participants, comprising 262 student athletes from 130 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and 155 student athletes from Singapore, aged between 15 and 17, will learn about the Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect and experience an exciting range of activities during the camp.

2. Athletes will get a sneak preview of what they can expect at the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games next year through the exciting Culture and Education Programme (CEP) at the camp. The young athletes will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with well-known athletes like Michael Klim, Veronica Campbell-Brown, Asafa Powell and Dexter Lee during the Chat with Champions. They will also participate in a variety of interactive workshops, venture outdoors for an Island Adventure at Pulau Ubin and learn more about the environment.

3. The Singapore 2010 Friendship Camp will also celebrate the rich diversity of global cultures and arts, through the World Festival featuring an intriguing blend of sports and the arts, and a fusion of the East and West.

4. In addition, participants will get to enjoy the sights and sounds of Singapore, through a Downtown Rendezvous to the distinctive cultural districts of Chinatown, Kampong Glam and Little India.The youth athletes will also get to experience new sports including sepak takraw, pencak silat and tchoukball, and learn more about the elements of sports science in a fun and engaging manner, through a specially-tailored Sport Exploration Programme.

5. Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Home Affairs, said, “In the spirit of Friends@YOG, local participants from the respective twinned schools will be both buddies and hosts to the NOC-participants. I encourage our young participants to foster new friendship bonds across borders grounded in true Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect, and bring home their experiences to share with their fellow athletes.”

6. Mr Goh Kee Nguan, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (SYOGOC) said, “We are very happy to welcome the athletes to the Singapore 2010 Friendship Camp. It is an excellent opportunity for us to connect more young people to the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. I believe the participants will have memorable stories to share with their friends back at home and encourage others to join us in the journey towards the first YOG in August 2010.”

7. The Singapore 2010 Friendship Camp is organised by Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) in partnership with the Singapore Sports School (SSS) and the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (SYOGOC). Accommodation will be provided at the Singapore Sports School.

2007 Toray Shanghai Marathon
To be held on Sunday, November 25, 2007
Invitation for entries to the Full Marathon / Half Marathon / Fun Marathon (4.5 km)

The outline of the “2007 Toray Shanghai Marathon” has been decided. Shanghai is China’s largest financial center with a long history as a cosmopolitan city. This event will be organized by the China Athletic Sports Association and the Shanghai City Sports Federation under the special sponsorship of Toray Industries, Inc. and Toray Industries (China) Co., Ltd.

The Toray Shanghai Marathon, comparable to the Tokyo Marathon and the New York Marathon, is a city marathon held in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai. Recognized as one of China’s four major international marathons by the State General Administration of Sports, the marathon offers three categories of the full and the half marathons, which have a more competitive nature and use a course certified by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), and the fun marathon which anybody can participate in.

The 2007 Toray Shanghai Marathon will start at 7:30 (scheduled time) on November 25, 2007 (Sun) (local time) with the 42.195-km full marathon from Century Plaza, East Nanjing Road, Shanghai City, to Minhang Stadium with a time limit of 6 hours and the 21.0975-km half marathon with a limit of 3 hours. Every year, runners are composed of general participants and guest runners including the world’s top runners from Japan and other countries.

Toray Shanghai Marathon
The 2006 Marathon invited runners from African countries, such as Kenya, and Japanese top runners, namely, Ms. Mizuki Noguchi, gold medalist in the 2004 Athens Olympics women’s marathon, and Ms. Harumi Hiroyama, winner of the 2006 Nagoya International Women’s Marathon. Many top runners from Japan, in addition to general participants, will participate in the marathon held in one of Asia’s largest cosmopolitan cities close to Japan. This year’s guest runners will be decided in September.

Higher-ranking winners in the full and the half marathons will be awarded with prize money, while all finishers who complete the marathon within the time limit will receive a certificate of completion and all participants will receive a commemorative T shirt.

The 4.5-km fun marathon which anybody can participate in will be held at the same time. Runners will start from Century Plaza, East Nanjing Road, Shanghai City, which is the same starting point as the full and the half marathons, at 7:45 (scheduled time) and finish at Jing An Park. The time limit is one hour. The fun marathon is not a competition and all participants will receive a commemorative T shirt.

The Toray Shanghai Marathon Japan Office is accepting applications from runners who wish to participate in the marathon until November 5, 2007 (Mon).

To apply, or for more information, please contact:

Toray Shanghai Marathon Japan Office
TEL: 042-522-4881
Closing date for applications: November 5, 2007 (Mon)

Everything in Asia is now focusing on Beijing Olympics 2008:
From the Asian Sports Ministers meeting we get this final report.....
The Minister in Charge of Sports in the MEXT, Mr. Toshiaki Endo, chaired the Meeting.
A declaration urging each Asian country to strive to raise the competitiveness of the athletes and promote international exchanges via sports for the sake of the Beijing Olympics' success, was adopted. (Notes: “Declaration for the Success of the Beijing Olympics” is attached to this document.)
The participants reconfirmed once again the importance of anti-doping activities. It was, furthermore, stressed that countries that have yet to ratify “The International Convention against Doping in Sport” will be strongly expected to strive to sign the convention as promptly as possible. It was also pointed out that each Asian country should do its best to establish a framework for anti-doping cooperation in the Asian region
Participants concurred that this type of meeting ought to be held continuously from now on, and agreed to hold the next one in Iran.

The Chairman summarized the discussions at the meeting. (Notes: “Chair's Summary” is attached to this document.)

For additional information  Mr. Kazuhiro Nakano
Senior Specialist, Sports-for-All Division, Sports and Youth Bureau
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Already the ripple effect of the upcoming Olympics is causing additional positive reaction within other regions.

September 21, Amman, Jordan: Peace Through Sport, a global initiative, has been inundated with applications from leaders of youth to participate in the first of its camps that will take place in Amman, Jordan, October 21-3I, 2007. The aim is simple; to bring together leaders of youth from divided countries and communities around the world and to train and equip them with the know-how and tools to use sport to unite children and youth from all sides of their divides.

The groundbreaking initiative was launched earlier this year by HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein, Chairman of Peace Through Sport and President of the Jordan Olympic Committee. Seven countries were selected to participate in the inaugural camp – Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Sudan as well as Jordan .

With applications continuing to arrive and still a month to go, organisers face the challenge of selecting the 70 candidates that will become the first Peace Through Sport pioneers. Each delegate in turn will also be trained how to cascade the programme to at least 10 like-minded leaders of youth in their own community.

“We have been overwhelmed with applications to participate in the camp which demonstrates the impact that this scheme has already made.” said HRH Prince Feisal. “It is very gratifying to see such a large number of inspirational people wanting to join Peace Through Sport and to make a real difference to establish peace and tolerance in their own communities.

“Our first delegates come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from students and aid workers to lawyers, doctors and dentists. A decision on the initial 70 participants will be announced soon although it is hoped that everyone who applied will take part in a future Peace Through Sport Camp.”

Peace Through Sport has received huge support from the international sporting community since its launch earlier this year and the pilot camp will be backed by numerous International Federations and organisations.

The Peace Through Sport Pilot Camp will welcome the leaders of youth to the Capital’s Al Hussein Sports City for the 10-day training programme. It will comprise practical sporting sessions, working on scenarios that the leaders of youth could expect to face in their own communities when they set up programmes; peace education and specialist training in conflict resolution amongst young people. A key element will be training the youth leaders to be able to cascade the programme back home after their initial training, in other words ‘training the trainers to train more trainers’. In addition there will be a cultural and social programme in the hope of developing life-long friendships and mutual support after the training.

Organisers of Peace Through Sport will analyse the results of the pilot scheme before rolling out the programme of camps for 2008. Four countries have already expressed an interest in hosting a Peace Through Sport camp in the near future and many more want to be able to participate by sending delegates. Potential media and commercial partners will also be assessing the pilot camp with a view to involvement in 2008.

Meanwhile, Asian Sports Ministers praised Peace Through Sport at their annual meeting in Japan, calling on all Asian countries to support the initiative. The conference’s summary document pledged that “Asian Sports Ministers should recognise the importance of the peace and stability through sports such as the global initiative Peace Through Sport proposed by the Jordan Olympic Committee. And Asian Sports Ministers should encourage fellow Asian countries and other countries to support and take part in this initiative”.

Peace Through Sport was launched in Amman earlier this year to global acclaim with the campaign television advertisement shortlisted for the prestigious 25th Milan International Film Festival awards.

Auto Racing / Why Asia will always be competitive in auto manufactoring:
Thus from the Motor Sports [ Website ] we get this.....  )','caption', 'A1 Grand Prix' );">A1GP organizers have announced that the prospective third race of the 2007/08 season has been canceled after a suitable venue could not be found.

The event had originally been scheduled to take place between the 2nd and 4th November, with a venue in Asia to be announced at a later date.

However, despite discussions with a number of potential circuits across the region, no agreement has been reached.

The third season of the World Cup of Motorsport has therefore been truncated, with another amendment to the calendar seeing the Shanghai race put back one week.

The race weekend had been scheduled for 4-6 April next year. However, in order for it to coincide with other regional events, it will now be held on 11-13 April.

2007/08 )','caption', 'A1 Grand Prix' );">A1GP amended calendar:

30 September 2007 )','caption', 'A1 Grand Prix' );">A1GP Zandvoort, The Netherlands
14 October 2007 )','caption', 'A1 Grand Prix' );">A1GP Brno, Czech Republic
25 November 2007 )','caption', 'A1 Grand Prix' );">A1GP Sepang, Malaysia
16 December 2007 )','caption', 'A1 Grand Prix' );">A1GP Zhuhai, China
20 January 2008 )','caption', 'A1 Grand Prix' );">A1GP Taupo, New Zealand
3 February 2008 )','caption', 'A1 Grand Prix' );">A1GP Sydney, Australia
24 February 2008 )','caption', 'A1 Grand Prix' );">A1GP Durban, South Africa
16 March 2008 )','caption', 'A1 Grand Prix' );">A1GP Mexico City, Mexico
13 April 2008 )','caption', 'A1 Grand Prix' );">A1GP Shanghai, China
4 May 2008 )','caption', 'A1 Grand Prix' );">A1GP Brands Hatch, Great Britain

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Central Asia in also gearing up, and traits of Western approaches to sports promotions are like being seen with increasing emphasis of Western market dynamic principles.  Thus we get......  Sports in Kazakhstan Today
  • Kazakhstan, an Asia with a European mentality. A vast country rich in oil and gas. Small cities with a rapid pace of living. A lasting feeling of being inside a fast-growing organism. And yet, the Asian prudence in everything. Kazakhstan is probably one of the most politically serene countries in the former Soviet Union. Calm and stability are its top priorities. Economic stability is maintained by high oil prices as oil export is a key budget item.
  • The 20 to 30% growth rate of Kazakhstan’s sports industry inspires certain optimism. According to independent estimates, the sports market volume is $ 167 million.
  • Almaty is the biggest and most developed city in Kazakhstan. It is the country’s cultural and business centre.
  • Chimbulak Ski Resort and Medeo, a high-altitude skating rink, are located within 20 km off Almaty and ensure sales of winter sports outfit in the city. Most residents of Almaty ski at Chimbulak Ski Resort. Mountain ski equipment and outfit are the major items in winter sales of sports shops.
  • At the end of the last year, Kazakhstan’s southern capital was selected the venue for the 2011 Winter Asian Games. Kazakhstan intends to invest about a billion dollars in preparations and conducting of the Winter Asian Games in Almaty (ITAR-TASS). Of this amount, $ 600 to 700 million will be spent on construction of sports facilities, and the remaining amount will be used for preparations and construction of other facilities for reception of athletes and guests. The Asian Games will be held from 30 January till 6 February. The competitions will include 14 sports.
  • Preparations for the Winter Asian Games will include an ice arena for 20,000 spectators, an ice stadium with a 400-metre track, ski and biathlon routes. Other facilities to be built include a mountain ski camp, ski flying ramps with stands for 20,000 spectators, and a bobsleigh route.
  • Sport Expo - Central Asia is a key sports exhibition in Kazakhstan and Central Asia for specialists, wholesale buyers of sports goods and outfit, department stores, shops, sports schools and clubs, sports teams, etc.
  • Main objectives of the exhibition are: provide sports companies with an opportunity to support the brand, find new clients, expand their business in the fast-growing market of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

technologies to the Beijing 2008 Olympics
2008 Broadband Olympics and Global Innovation and Mobile Technologies
Wednesday, 6 June | 14:00 – 15:30
"Scientific Olympics, Green Olympics, and Humanity Olympics" are three key concepts of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The Scientific Olympics is not only a key factor that empowers China to win the bid to host the Olympic Games, but also a vital factor to ensure the Olympic Games runs smoothly in Beijing. The plenary panel will focus on the following aspects:

How to accomplish the strategy of Olympic-driven development by holding the Olympic Games with a developing insight, fulfilling the objective of "Scientific Olympics" and the concept of "New Beijing, New Olympics," and ensuring the Beijing 2008 Olympics will be the most advanced and excellent one that is held in Olympic history.

Based on Olympic telecom guarantee and information services, the contribution to running the 2008 Olympics as the first "Broadband Olympics" in its true sense by studying broadband telecom network arrangement, technical application, broadband content and applications, operation support, safety, stability, reliability, and guarantee in the 2008 Olympics, taking advantage of serving the Olympic Games and comprehensively upgrading the broadband network capacity and service quality.

The discussion of technological innovations and new technique application in ICT fields, socialization, mercerization and globalization of technology innovation during the period of "2008 Broadband Olympics."  

Asian Sports Network, RMC [ WebPage ]

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