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List your interests, or if you have something unique to offer for an exhibit by registering of the following forums
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Network Resources:



Application Deadline (Postmark): December 30, 2006 (Applications reviewed in order received) Join us for the sixth annual International Dance Festival to be held in the dance capitol of the world – New York City. IDF-NYC was created to promote greater dialogue between local, national and international artists, increase audience-media-presenter exposure, and offer increased performance opportunities by lowering the astronomical cost of self-presentation. IDF-NYC will feature ground floor, emerging and established artists who represent a true cross-section of dance. From eclectic showcases, to full-length evenings, and special programs for young dancers and choreographers, IDF-NYC is the place for dance in NYC. The 2007 Festival is currently scheduled to return to The Dicapo Opera Theater on Manhattan’s East Side.

PARTICIPATION: All disciplines are encouraged to apply. IDF-NYC has a juried application process in order to insure that the festival is a true representation of the diversity of dance. The work submitted may not be performed in the New York City metropolitan area from May 15 – September 30, 2007, except during IDF-NYC if accepted.

APPLICATIONS: All applications must be postmarked by NOVEMBER 30, 2007, and be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee in the form of a certified check, cashiers check, or money order in US Dollars. No personal checks will be accepted. Be sure to write the name of your show on the memo line and make it payable For Dance Inc. If you are submitting more than one show, each show must have its own application, support materials, and application fee.

ACCEPTANCE: Initial notification of acceptance to the festival will be mailed and emailed within 30 days of receipt of your application. Final notification will be made no later than December 15, 2006. If accepted you will receive a complete Participant’s Packet. This packet must be completed and returned to us by January 15, 2007, and accompanied by a non-refundable participation fee, in the form of a certified check, cashiers check, or money order. International applicants must make payments by bank money order in U.S. funds, collectible in an U.S. bank. No personal checks will be accepted. Be sure to write the name of your show on the memo line and make checks or money orders payable to For Dance, Inc

Spanish Flamenco Performance

Spanish Flamenco
A Spanish Cultural Evening in Mumbai featuring Flamenco performance by internationally renowned dancer Carmen Cortes and her husband, who is considered to be the best flamenco guitar players, Gerardo Nunez. A combination of colourful polka-dot dresses, castanets, mellow tones of the acoustic guitar and rhythmic clapping, made the performance very fascinating and foot-tapping.

American dance customs since about 1870s [ traditionals ]
What is a Dance Card?  ~  What is a Catillion? ~  What is a Debutant Ball?  ~  What is a Gala / Ball ?  ~  What is a Social Dance?  ~  What is a Dance Party?  ~  What is Being a Gentlemen?  ~  What is a Lady?  ~  Special Dance Applications .

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Dance Cities:
Ballet and Modern Dance Cities ~ Ballroom Dance Cities ~ Belly and Folk Dance Cities ~ Hip Hop and Modern Jazz Dance Cities ~ The Latin / Salsa Dance Cities ~ Swing Dance Cities

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National, International Folkways, or Trends in Dance.


Anatolian Folk Dance Group


            Anatolian Folk Dance Group was founded by Mr. Arif SONMEZ in 1992. Till today group had performed Anatolian Folk Dances and Musics with original dances, costumes and musics in Turkey and lots of foreign countries. Our aim is meet cultures together without look their religions, languages and lineages. The most importand think is peace and friendship between folks in all over the world.

            Anatolian Folk Dance Group is IOV International Festivals Comm. Member of Turkey. We are inviting folk dance and musics group from all over the world where we orginizing folk dance festivals in Turkey. And also we are sending folk dance groups from Turkey who needs Turkish folk dance and music groups. We have about 20 children and adoult groups in Turkey. Generally our performances are with live music but if festivals prefer cd we have also cd. But we prefer live music. Our groups has about 35-40 participants.

We can have performances how long you prefer. 

We don’t have generally visa problem because of we have participated more than 50 foreign festivals in past.

In 2007 we will invite 45 folk dance group from Asia, Amerika, Africa where we will organize festivals in Turkey.

Who wants to partcipate in this festivals in Turkey must inform us till 05 Aprıl. 2007.

If you want to invite one of the our groups in your 2007 festivals, I can send you information of my group ( Anatolian Folk Dance Group ).

I inform you the international organizations we joined in the last 3 years.


Casa da Gaia PORTUGAL; Llangollen ENGLAND; Porto     PORTUGAL; Namur  BELGIUM; Santonigros  SPAIN;                Bolsward  HOLLAND; Les Preses  SPAIN ; Karditsa GREECE ; Dounanez   FRANCE ; Halkidiki GREECE; Saintes FRANCE ;        Chalkis GREECE; Gyöng HUNGARY; Rahovche BULGARIA Hagen GERMANY; Castelforte  ITALY; 


To participate your festival and show Anatolian Folklore will make us happy.


             Our all aim is peace in all over the WORLD.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to mail us, we will be happy to answer.





            Arif SONMEZ

IOV-Intern. Festivals Comm. Member of Turkey

Director of Anatolian Folk Dance Group



Address  : 1829  sokak  No.22  D.9  35601-Karşıyaka,  İzmir  / TURKEY




Dance  4 America

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Brazilian Traditional Dance " The Samba " [] Cuban Traditional Dance " The Mambo " [] Mexico Traditional Dance " Flokloric " []



Traditional [ Lyrical ] Folk Dance from Gdansk, Poland.


Classical Greek Folk Dance and Celebrations all Wonderfully Staged!

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New Prague Dance Festival 2007

Let me invite you once again to be a part of our NEW PRAGUE DANCE FESTIVAL COMPETITION & WORKSHOP (from 1.7. to 7.7. 2007) in Prague and to spend wonderful moments together with other dancers and friends in the Golden capital – Prague.

If you would like to fill up the registration form, you can do it online: (in the bottom of the page) or we can send you the registration form together with the NEW POSTERS, a CD and INFORMATION about the whole Festival, Competition and Workshop.

The price is 489 euro/person and we offer discounts for bigger groups (the leader of each group is free of charge and also every 21st participant of the group doesn´t have to pay!). In the price there is included all the best what Prague can offer: sightseeing, trips, cruise on the Vltava river on boat, visit to the Prague´s Castle, masterclass – workshop every day, shopping, possible visit to the galleries or other places of your interest and many other interesting things…

And of course the possibility to rehears and perform in front of the audience and the jury!

Prague is a culture center and each person can enjoy this amazing atmosphere together with the family members, friends or simply with the other dancers and their accompanying people.

The last evening we will award the prizes in many categories and all participants will enjoy it all together in a special place, where all of us will have a festive dinner and will make a promise to continue in this beautiful tradition.
Each culture consists of various aspects, which mutually seek and meet each other, and multiply on the theatre scene without borders! We sincerely hope, our dance festival – contest is this case. It is an original and unique cultural event in the area of amateur – non-professional dance in the heart of Europe!

Well, do not hesitate to come this summer to Prague and take a part in the 11th edition.

For further details, do not hesitate to write us or see our web sites:

Yours sincerely,

David Pospisil

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Old Danish national costumes are something the museums are always pleased to exhibit. The garments are beautifully made and richly colored. But 'national dress' is in fact somewhat of a misnomer because there was no single type of costume worn all over Denmark. One of the main features of peasant costumes of the 18th and 19th century was actually their individual character. 
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A talented group of drummers and dancers directed by Saboula –Djembe Master from West Africa. Present two African ballets:

"Riding the drum" and "The magical drum".

The ballets are a spectacle of rhythm along with traditional dancing and ceremonies originating in West Africa. The colorful hand-made outfits are prepared by members of the group.   Omanut-La'am association highly recommends these performances.

Bangoura Group has preformed at "Suzann Dellal" theatre, "Jerrard Behar" theater in Jerusalem and throughout theatres all around Israel. Bangoura Group has participated in national dance festivals, such as "Macholohet" festival, Suzann Dallal, and the eminent Carmiel dance festival.

Bangoura also represent the Fatala group from Gambia !!  Along with their performances Bangura offers a number of services including:

    Drum workshops

Lead by Master Sabula Bangoura

    West African dance workshops

Lead by a professional Bangoura dancer from the band.

Includes live percussion.

Press this link to see our dance

Contact:  Rachel Bangoura  Tel: 00-972-4-6373966 Mobaile:  00-972-54-5715489 Email:   URL:

OnLine Dance Publications:

World Dance & Dance Sport Council. Agreement WDDSC/ICBD



1) World Dance & Dance Sport Council, an unincorporated association of 240 Merton Road, South Wimbledon, London, England, SW19 1EQ jointly and severally with the World Dance & Dance Sport Council, a company limited by guarantee registered in England number 3149083 of 240 Merton Road, South Wimbledon, London, England, SW19 1EQ, with their services and members of all categories represented by President Robin Short.

2) International Dance Sport Federation (IDSF) represented by its President
Detlef Hegemann.


1) IOC Outright Recognition
The IOC has granted outright recognition on the 4th September 1997 to IDSF.
2) IDSF Membership of International Sport Federations
3) WDDSC is the sole Association that represents professional dancers, professional
dance teachers, accredited adjudicators with WDDSC licence and the commerical Dance School business. IDSF is the sole Association that represents 67 national dancesport associations with 37 recognised by their NOC, amateur dancesport athletes, amateur trainers and judges and the international sports organisations
listed in II.2.
4) International Dance Sport Federation will recognise all competitors, adjudicators and coaches registered by the World Dance & Dance Sport Council as professional competitors, professional coaches and professional adjudicators.  There shall be no requirement at this time for these to be registered directly to the  International Dance Sport Federation or to an International Dance Sport Federation member body. The IDSF may issue licences to WDDSC adjudicators for IDSF-granted events. 

1) Legal position of the WDDSC within the IDSF  a) Associate Membership  The WDDSC will be granted "Associate Membership" in accordance with  article 3, Clause II, of the Statutes of the IDSF. On acquisition of "Associate Membership", the parties mutually agree to recognise each other's statutes. b) Subscription obligation
Associate Members pay the same subscription like ordinary members of the IDSF, currently CHF750,00, and ajoining fee of CHF150,00.
2) Reference to the legal position of the WDDSC within the IDSF
In its Article of Association, the WDDSC shall drfine the legal position as set forth in the section III,1,a above.
3) Guarantee of independence
a) Legal and financial The Associate Membership of the WDDSC shall not affect the independence  of the WDDSC in legal, financial and organisational terms.
b) Observance of GAISF and IOC rights and obligations
All rights and obligations, which may arise from the IDSF's membership of  the IOC/GAISF/ARISF/IWGA are reserved to IDSF. By way of clarification,
the parties hereby establish that the IDSF has sole responsibility for the  representation in the IOC, GAISF, ARIFS and IWGA.
4) Recognition of the IDSF/WDDSC
The WDDSC recognises the IDSF as the worldwide sole governing body for dancesport activities in relation to the IOC and the International Sports organisations mentioned above. The IDSF recognises the WDDSC as the world - wide sole governing body for professional dance school and professional dance - sport activities.
5) Guarantee for professional dancers of the WDDSC to be included in possible Olympic Games If Dancesport is ever included in the programme of the Olympic Games, the IDSF will give opportunity of participation in the Olympic Games, including  any qualifying events, to all athletes.
6) Olympic symbol
The World Dance and Dance Sport Council and its national members shall not use the Olympic symbol, or refer to IDSF's recognition, without the express  consent of the IDSF.
7) Previous agreements
Until such time as the parties jointly and mutually agree to conclude otherwise  and this "outline Agreement" is replaced with a full contract addressing all outstanding issues, all previous agreements between International Dance Sport Federation (formerly titled ICAD) and World Dance and Dance Sport Council (formerly titled ICBD) are still adhered to by International Dance Sport Federation and World Dance and Dance Sport Council and are valid. The General Agreement will be negotiated at an early date.

8) Effective date
This agreement shall become binding on 1st December 1997, once approval to it  has been given by the Presidia of WDDSC and IDSF.t

Dance ithaca E - Magazine

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