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Spotlight on desert cultures and civilizations of the world | Festival of The Cultures & Civilizations of World ...

The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), Zayed International Prize for the Environment and the World Deserts Foundation announced that the Second Festival of Cultures and Civlizations of World Deserts (16 - 22 April) will provide an ideal platform for Arab civilizations to promote their cultures and traditions to the rest of the world

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The Heroic Generation: At the cutting edge of Les Avant Garde, is that a civilization's development rest solely on the socio - cultural processes of how it nurtures it's youth.   Thus is should be to everyone surprise that something happened previous to the year of 2000.  What has happen, is the development of The Heroic Generation of American youth who are now entering the 16 to 18 years of age and younger to about 11.
The Critical aspect of this is based on the clear observation that as the American civilization became more complex, there has been increasing burdens of sociocultrual and sociopolitical complex adaptions by both the parents and children of each family 1982 till present.  The forms of these adaptation has magnified the perceptions of diversity of the emerging core of youth even more.  Their visual range of what is still not yet been measure, and maybe by present skill research levels unmeasureable, as well as the newer impact upon their own innate drives facilitated by a resultant unique struggle for this generation to find idenity.  Most amazing is the interdiction of the internet experiences into the intellegence and visual sensory and their developmental extrapolations of new emotional structures from various natural innate drives ( here before never used by previous generations ) which are now, historically,  separating forming new resultant and yet unkown " impacted innate drives "-the  new corridor. Simply what is the resultant of increased usage of their nervous systems.
It is what is contained within in this new corridor which should be their main future focus of unity.  How internet experiences impacted their own personal, and individual bio - spheres, and the resultant increased locations and more diverse usage of their brain stimulus is the greater unknown-even to them.
Thus and unlike Gertude Stein quote about the " Lost Generation "  We now have the " Heroic Generation. "  In a histotic review we had an Heroic Generation born in 1745, 1832, 1876, 1917, then 1989.
What is even more surprising is that they have caught upon certain indenity ethos which is in its initial stages of social and cultural evolution - development are just now being defined by themselves, while others outsiders are in the dark. Moreover, the socio-spirituality of this genertion is their  special gifts.
The result in art, music, and others is just now appearing at their other edges....
This is leading us to the....
The impact of which will be felt culturally around the year 2016.  Politically is the greater unknown.


Representional Movements:

The simplicity of the human form, and using it as a commonality focus to educate oneself in developing deep personal introspection has always been in tune with every civilization.  Whether it was the Greeks,  Romans, Germans, or The US -litterly the United States.  The reach for commonality has always been there.
In the feminist struggle several movements have came about.  Each within their own stage of historic development.  Moreover, it seems, and with some considerable dismay and anxiety by women themselves about males, sex and the resulting forms of relationships, women are more sensitive to several physical issues concerning their own bodies.  Thus peering into their own personal and private individuality, once described to me as spaces, the resulting phyche,  one can only come together, and finding personal answers by understanding the common physical manisfestation of being a woman by interacting with other women. This has been the contemporary historic map of getting it together! Thus this session as represented in this photo.
Here the physical characteristics have overflowed into a sociopolitical movement-with some cultural aspects later on upon an impacted society as a result. Though and what should be understood at the sametime is how this reinforces democratic action at the sametime.  Expressions are themselves useless emotional voids unitl they connect with human needs, and of which is the single human desire to be free, or to find a happier life, or life-style.  All of which is also depicted in this photo.
Whether those who participated in this event got what they really wanted is circumstancial, but the very fact they indeed did this demonstration or activity, and on such a very wide scale also indicates their real potential power!  If this ever became wide spread, the entire tilt of sexuality in America would have been altered-or may have without anyone knowing it.
Over the horizon is how naked'ness-es, expecially of women, are precieved !  This touches upon the ethnographic Eden emotional phyche syndrome which is socioculturally imprinted upon  all Western civilizations, and of which denotes extreme caution at the same time.

On all these forms [ below ] make sure you have your related URL [ for those who have web site ], and be brief as possible.  Further communication will be made to obtained a full text - which will be linked to another storage Internet host.  Thank you for your contribution ( s ).
Mr. Roger M. Christian

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La Avant Garde

La Avant Garde .

It is so very simple.  Find a place which serve coffee, near a campus, hopefully where there are some real intellegence.  A way to produce flyers, and some real interesting contacts to information which can be proven as facts.  The later may prove limiting.  Nonetheless, that is the real formula.

What deems something to be Avant Garde are subscribed to those notions of how we not only progress, but in today frame of historic inertia how.  The reason is also so simple.  The money in which actions now costs.

There have been attempts to revitalize the Avant Garde, but the generational time frame was off.  there has always been a three genrational cycle-it can not be avoided-IE. The Peoples Republic of China now realizes.  Now there are now those who are tweleve to sixteen years old, and possibly younger who are showing signs they may be of the next generation of real courage.  The Heroic Generation.

For those who are of vintage really know what this term really means, in as much as we are also cognizant of the epoch in which Gertude Stein labled the generation of the 1920 - 1930s the " Lost Generation " when she was living in France.


Roger Meredith Christian

C U L T U R A L      E X C H A N G E
f e s t i v a l

International Cultural Festival


Imagine a fiesta in an exotic foreign land, with hordes of young people from all over the world and a carnival of parties, picnics and sightseeing trips, not to mention travelling to various venues in the host country. Along with this, a gala of performances and workshops of dance, music and drama of diverse cultures from around the world.

This is a typical international cultural festival for young people. A meeting point where hundreds of young talented individuals from around the world converge to, chiefly, intermingle and have fun and also to exhibit their country's unique culture and lifestyle.


The idea of an international cultural festival evolved out of the need to create young minds that transcend borders and prejudices thus making the world conducive for peace and harmony. This innovation is strongly advocated by UNESCO, which continually encourages various festivals initiated by Cultural Ministries worldwide, by providing operational assistance.

Going beyond just song and dance!!

International cultural festivals are, primarily, a source of never-ending enjoyment for young people. Parties, picnics and interactive workshops with newfound friends prove to be the most enjoyable pursuit ever, for the young participants. Usually concluding in heart-wrenching farewells, a festival gives young people a multitude of everlasting friendships and a bouquet of wonderful memories.

But behind all this fun and excitement, the effect these festivals have on young people's personalities, is tremendous. It is often seen, that painfully introverted and reticent participants are transformed, to a large part, into smart, outgoing and well-adjusted young individuals.

The extended interaction with others from around the world, overcoming linguistic, cultural and lifestyle differences readies the participant to successfully interact with practically anyone. The sense of achievement roused by performing on an international stage boosts confidence levels sky-high.

The exposure from travelling, interaction and being independent makes a huge impact on the young minds. This impact leaves them humbler, more sensitive and more mature in thought.

All in all, an experience of this magnitude is sure to contribute to young personalities everything essential to aspire and achieve great feats in life.

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Globalization, Informatization, and Intercultural Communication  Randy Kluver Oklahoma City University

Globalization is not the only thing
influencing events in the world today,
but to the extent that there is a North Star and
a worldwide shaping force, it is this system.

- Thomas Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, 1999.


Friedman's comment above serves to illustrate the profound importance assigned to the cultural and technological forces now reshaping the world. Indeed, Friedman is only one in a long line of commentators and analysts who have ascribed tremendous importance to the forces of globalization and informatization that have already redefined industries, politics, and cultures, and perhaps the underlying rules of social order. Societies and communities have no choice but to participate in this 'New International Information Order,' but the character of their participation is shaped by specific social, cultural, economic and political conditions. This complex multi-level process of mediation between the global and the local, as an inherently communication phenomenon, promises to change not only the context, but likely the nature of intercultural communication.

But what are these forces that seem to have such a profound effect on our lives? The awesome potential of information technologies and globalization has already had a profound impact upon industries, particularly the financial markets. What are the implications of these forces for those interested in intercultural communication? Moreover, in what ways can intercultural communication theory help us to understand these forces? Is the traditional study of intercultural communication, bound as it is by the interpersonal context, even relevant to the new issues arising with globalization and informatization?

It is the purpose of this essay to explore the relevance of these globe-shaping forces to intercultural communication, and vice-versa, to identify some of the salient questions for theorists of intercultural communication that arise as a result of these forces, and finally, to identify the role of intercultural communication in providing foundations for understanding a globalized, technologized world.


I will begin by trying to define the key terms in order to avoid the mistakes of overgeneralization or misrepresentation. Globalization has been defined in various ways, but is most typically defined in reference to the interconnectedness of political entities, economic relationships, or even computer networks. Globalization refers primarily to the ways in which economic and industrial institutions (such as industries or corporations) interact in various locations throughout the world, with primacy given to no specific geographic location. Friedman argues that 'globalization involves the inexorable integration of markets, nation-states, and technologies to a degree never witnessed before' (1999, p. 7). Kennedy (1993) describes globalization in primarily economic terms, defining it as primarily integrative structures (p. 47). He further argues that globalization of economic structures means that local and national governments eventually cede control of policy to the global institutions (primarily multinational corporations, but also including non governmental, regional, or international organizations, such as the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund.)

Even though the term globalization typically refers to economic phenomenon, there are ripple effects that make the impact of globalization much broader socially and culturally. Ideas, customs, and cultural movements all follow closely after the exchange of goods across national boundaries. For example, international trade has been the vehicle by which most religions have spread, including Buddhism to East and Southeast Asia along the Silk Road, Islam to Southeast Asia, and Christianity to Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Americas. These changes might be marginal, such as the emergence of the 'Hello, Kitty' cult around the world, or they may be profound, such as the rise of new religious, political, environmental, or cultural movements, such as the Falungong movement, one that relies almost exclusively upon electronic communications media to recruit and mobilize

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