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Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ) , NY
Ithaca during the night ( especially when you see it as you approach it by route 13 coming north from Pyramid Mall area ) sits like a carefully laid out showcase of hundreds of jewels between three hills.  The lake is on your right, and lush vegetation and trees are lined on your left.  You drive down the high slope of route 13, and thus you enter a different world.  Where at times dreams contend with reality, and people search to fill out their passions for life.
It is upon examination of this jeweled picture you see sharp reds, flickering whites, and yellows, and with the normal grays, and ash collorations associated for evening hues of all night darken descriptions.  None the less, the a lure beneath this setting is always there. The back show of Ithaca during the night of it's life, and lifestyles, two large University collections' of advance architectural structures, along their own spread out be-jeweled  lights rises like fortresses on the two adjacent hills.  This is Cornell University, the big brother of the community, and Ithaca College, the lovely sister.
At times, and during this time all to the early morning, both the trees, and Lake Cayuga gives off  hazes of fog like smoke, arising the rainbow of colors just appearing with the very rise of the sun.  Ithaca during the night is over and Ithaca now awaits the next evening when another passer by on route 13 gets to see a glimpse, and wonder when will they come back to live.  Join the MSN discussion group on your understanding of what is a cultural democracy by going to Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY MSN here.

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