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sports crashes into dance arts

Example # One:


The Offense:

Extend the throwing arm back in full curvature,  Keep the foward stance in lunge preparation, but extend the back leg just a little, while a small lift to the head peering to find a reciever down field.

The initial stance is well positiion. And deliberately prepared to get hit, and hit very hard - this instinctual courage at its best.

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The Defense:
The high attitude suggest - and it really should for its immediate importance to the players themselves, and now to us - extreme preparation of  moves to penetrate the offense's guard who this defense just bested by leaping over his head and shoulders.  Every line here it so defined in its own excellences which indicates the full measure of the players years of physical preparation, and all the elements and time which into his sports professionalisms { note the plurative ].  The move, though to those who are efiminate will cause termenologies such as graceful - etc, itself is the hight of crafted sportmanship of masculinities- where the physical limited frame of man himself, in the element of sports confrontation - interaction was successful in pushing the very envelop of his physical normalities.  That is the key factor for the bigger than life buck, money which is involve with sports - as it should.
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Photo Conclusion:

The dynamics here involve are implicit in their simplicity.  There is no factor present for commentaries, but pure appreciation of the players accomblishment at this very second in their own lives, and the glory in which is theirs, and theirs alone. 

We are only observers, by-standers, but to those who really took a look can only wish some immulation, and thus will copy in effect.  None the less, and along with the additional physical developments required to accomblish an affrect, the players themselves are now, also, our teaching element too!



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Here you have a courageous defensive move in football, and at the sametime just as much as a real hard and determined fighting back offense interacting at the sametime.  Both collided in this terrific photo shoot.
And it is exactly here, at the very moment where new choreography, art photography, and the future landscape of film directorialships all converge on this one moment in sports history.
More or less, and beyond the innovations made the Danish school of ballet, where the suddeness of flying leaps into air were initially perfected, this creates the need for new physicalities to emerge within both dance, and fashion modeling.  It could even demand more masculine behavioral traits to occur within the somewhat timidity found within ballet male dancers.
Beyond the swet, grind, and hard physical conditioning that sports demand, it, none the less is the single most attended nightlife activity known.  Why do you think that aggressive and very successful sports professionals can attract higher incomes than the most popular of movie stars, or nightclub entertainers, let alone dancers, artists, photographers, or movie / film directors. None the less, what should the focus of attention should be directed to is the interaction of the immediate and very quick hard physical and very aggressive interaction that a contact sports demands, along with the physicalities of the preparation involved - to meet such challenges - were the most impressive forms of creative movement occurs within our society as a whole.
It is the integration of the very elements, and their preparation, of aggressive sports movement, along with the additional focus of creative levels of lyrical dance movement has achieved to this date, and the atmospherics it creates where the real future, or de la avant garde historically will occur. When you take into account self-defense sports, soccur, baseball, and basketball, along with lacross the imagination litteraly spring boards into new field visions.  This I know form first hand experiences when the early development of my educationary introduction to Hip Hop, via James Brown in 1970, that Thai Boxing integrated with the learned dance moves, causing immediate ripple effects in combining the resulting physicalities in producing creative moves, litteraly right on the social dance floor of Washington DC; this cause me to earn another nick name by the DC Sisters.  " Trick Baby." 

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