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Post Feminism


Everyone now a  days needs a re - introduction, and some a re-induction to contemporary feminist views:
Here is an introduction...

Women in the technological/scientific universe

we wanted and we could'nt, we were there but we did'nt see us, we are there and every day more...we'll be there and as we'll want it
how it went ...and how it goes...
Women and the ICT ::: Mileva Maric, the other face of Einstein ::: this job aint for women??? ::: mathematical women: are'nt there any or isn't there any conscience about there existence? ::: women and "mans jobs" ::: telework: a look at it from the gender perspective ::: women and science fiction ::: women and multinationals: to command or not to command? ::: women, science and research ::: Women and free software: informal lecture linux girls::: sexual harassement at cercleweb

Feminist Realities ?
current experiences: web radio: radio paca is born ::: psicosoma factory:women dj's in bcn ::: pictures genderchangers workshop at ESF London ::: audios of the talks of the 1st jocs fractals of grącia: women and technologies ::: informal lectures jocs fractals ::: jocs fractals 2005 ::: manifest of the zorra mutante ::: linux girls ::: Barbara Thoens: hacking is politics
considerations:the self-management of the body:::technoliberation ::: cyberfeminist manifest for the XXI century ::: Where do you find feminism in cyberfeminism? ::: the technologies of identity ::: cyberfeminism: the claim of the body ::: technoscientific transformations of bodies, sex and genders: challenges of feminism ::: links about gender and women ::: reinventing space :::

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It is from here, the online variations of focuses ' world wide ' where you can some sort of accurate picture of the contending realities involved; they, the feminist who have contributed to this introduction fully understood the need to recalibrate their subjective emtionalism, while re - a - tune their attitudes to keep pace with additional generation of young women ' just ' coming on board of pro -activists.

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