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I've stayed at the Izmailovo Hotel ( Delta building ) and found it to be good enough. It's usually about $90-100. Keep in mind, usually I end up staying with friends in the city or taking the train to Nizhny Novgorod and staying with my wife's friends, so I only stay at the Izmailovo for a night ( and they register your passport quickly as you check in ).
Also, plenty of tourist stalls selling all kinds of stuff right next to the Izmailovo.
Pics attached.
Finally, if it's in fall, especially in September, make sure you bring semi winter clothing and a warm HAT. Trust me, the weather can go good and sour in a day, and I've caught some nasty colds in Russia when I went out without a good hat and it started to rain.

General Information: The enormous Izmailovo Hotel complex was built in 1979 on the site of the historic Izmailovo village and Royal Estate, whose remaining buildings are clustered just a 10-minute walk east of the hotel. Owned by the Romanov boyars since the 16th century, the estate was the favorite retreat of Tsar Alexei and his son, the future Emperor Peter The Great. Peter spent much of his childhood there and was taught how to sail on the Estate lake, an early passion for sailing that grew and eventually led him to not only found the Russian Navy and launch Russia as a great European Naval power, but build the great port city of St. Petersburg on the shores of the Gulf of Finland.

During the 1980 Moscow Olympics the complex was used to accommodate many of the athletes attending the games and although not centrally located, the hotel offers clean and comfortable rooms at very reasonable rates. Just across the road from Izmailovsky Park Metro Station where trains will whisk you in twenty minutes to Red Square, the Kremlin and all the other fascinating places of interest in Moscow (the hotel is 6 stops from Red Square and the center of the city).

Of particularly interest to tourists, is the neighbouring Izmailovo Weekend market (the Vernisage as it is known operates on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year (wrap up in the Winter!) and prices are excellent in comparison to other tourist venues in Moscow), one of the city's major tourist attractions due to its extensive array of traditional Russian gifts and souvenirs from the country. The Izmailovo Hotel Complex renovated in 1998 is an excellent choice for the more budget-conscious traveler and offers its 4 main 30 floors buildings (blocks): Alfa, Beta, Vega, Gamma-Delta (28 floors and 2000 rooms of different types). More than 10 thousand tourists can be accommodated in 7500 rooms of the Izmailovo Hotels in one time.

Security in the Hotel: There is a professional fully equipped security service in the Hotel.



For Students / Scholars - Budget Travellers:
It seems like in the summer hotel prices go up. Here are a few that are probably the least expensive ones. You just need to check locations and to see how close they are to subway stations. izmailovo- gamma-delta- hotel/ Starting at $124 - this is the one that was already recommended to you.
http://hotels- hotels/mos/ zarya.htm  Starting at $125.  This was one of the cheapest hotel during Soviet times. I did stay in this hotel in the 1986 and remember I paid like 3 rubles for my bed in the room for 4 people (3 other women were total strangers to me). It's been renovated since then, so it's probably better now. Several months ago in the winter their prices were much lower, around $70 if I remember correctly. hotels/mos/ rus.html  Starting at $125.  This one, Rus-hotel (also called "Solnechnyi" - means "Sunny") is also considered unexpensive and it's been operating during Soviet times.
http://hotels- index.html? whole=1#gosti Here is a list of hotels starting with least expensive ones (most of them were in operationg during Soviet times). rossiya-hotel/ There was a cheaper hotel starting at $104 (near Red Squire) but it is out of business.

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