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Russia Establishes Top Ratings at Show.

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Vivienne Westwood opened Russian Fashion Week

 Russian Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2007/2008. In its 11th season, RFW - the largest prÍt-a-porter week in Eastern Europe featured over 60 fashion designers from Russia, Ukraine, China, Great Britain, Spain, South Africa and other countries. Runway shows were followed by parties and special events. On April 5 Jade Jagger, daughter of Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger hosted in Moscow Jezebel Party in honor of RFW.


British brand of Vivienne Westwood opened the first day of Russian Fashion Week which is held in Central House of Artists, opposite to Gorky Park.  “We are proud to have significant Vivienne Westwood Gold Label collection for RFW Opening”, says Russian Fashion Week Producer General Alexander Shumsky. “RFW showcases best Russian fashion designers, up to 40-45 names every season.It is good for local fashion industry to be on the same catwalk with international designers. Also Russian Fashion Week is true gateway for international brands to fast growing Russian market ”, adds Shumsky.

The renowned British duo Eley Kishimoto followed Vivienne Westwood with its autumn/winter 2007/08 collection. British designer Jenny Packham made show at RFW for the sixth season. “RFW is very important for proper exposure on Russian market”, says Jenny Packham.


Russian Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2007/2008. In its 11th season, RFW - the largest prÍt-a-porter week in Eastern Europe featured over 60 fashion designers from Russia, Ukraine, China, Great Britain, Spain, South Africa and other countries. Runway shows were followed by parties and special events. Jade Jagger, daughter of Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger hosted in Moscow Jezebel Party in honor of RFW.

Russian Fashion Week (RFW) is the largest fashion week in Eastern Europe. RFW stages two shows a year in Moscow - every April and October.  The past three seasons have established RFW as a major entry in the world’s fashion calendar, next to prestigious fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, London, New York, Tokyo, Sao Paolo and Beijing.



It’s not every day that you run into beautiful Russian fashion, but here’s some eye candy for you. The Chic Blesk Krasota line was designed by 27-year old Katia Gomiashvili whose creative background was nurtured by her parents, famous Russian actor Archil Gomiashvili, and Russian ballerina Tatiana Fiodorovna.

MSN The Fashions Bitch article.

European Fashions [ Webpage ] of Fashions Trendsetters / Trend Setters web site .

Default New Fashions



During this age of post feminism European Fashion designers are pushing the envelope by introducing topless fashion designs on the leading fashion run ways in Paris, Milian, Madrid, and others. Moreover, there is an opposite movement in the retros in which the thing is to out do the designers of the 40s and 50s.

This is in reaction of a growing shift in the nightlife in key European cities in which women are finding safer environments from which to have experience personal socio-sensual release, and topless is gowing as a result. In Paris, Berlin, Bonn, Caan, and Madrid free open tops of early 2004s have given way to mild see through topless causuals personally crafted. Moreover, increasingly at more and more plush parities given by the Euro Dollar - Nouveau Riche, the topless look is likewise growing. All reflect both growing safety women are now experiencing, and the implications and self-realization of ones own rights to expanding personal tastes and social fantasies. European designers who are trying the catch up are still unknown. Increasingly, the binding of bra staps, and the resulting constant irritations felt in sudden body turns during social dancing, especially in the new moves provided by the Hip Hop culture is suddenly loss by the freedom now being opted for.

In one email, Rene Litz from Caan commented " That women covering their tops are really not natural for a womyn's body. It was a condition impossed by males who feared women assuming power during the early development of European civiliations which only sought her sexual exploitation. She has always questioned in her life ..Why the part that produced milk for innocent children? ."

With this in mind, a real discussion needs to be look at and properly reacted to. The key factor of which is the socio-cultural results of the historic social movements developed by every University and College activist feminist group who push the Take Back the Night Campaigns both and off their respected campus. Especially at the Unversity of Rochester Feminst's Coalitions. It was their success of this campaign during the 1970s, and triggered by their topless yearly demonstrations in downtown Rochester, which promoted legislation in Albany to allow women who so chose can go topless-which was subsequently passed. There is a proposal for a parade now being discussed.

The one time increasing incidents of sexual assaults and rape which all were closely and academically examined in depth during the 70s and 80s have made a dramatic down turn since the late 90s. However, though similar trends occured in Eruope, American women did not respond in the same manner as did the Europeans. All of which caused the need of Americans to fully examine this aspect, especially the casual anxieties involved, in as much as style and fashions are outward expressions of the social and cultural conditions which exist in ones time and era.

The website Fashions Trendsetters / Trend Setters was specifically developed and put together to gain wider attention, and this forum is where the answers should be examined. I once trought of developing my own forum, but instead I found this one which already existed. Now I am actively promoting this forum through my Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Internet Network.

What should be looked at from my point of view is simple this.

Is the American nightlife coming up to par with the early feminist aspirations which created The Take Back The Night campaigns of the 70s ?

As per the course Introduction to Womyn Studies, State University College at Buffalo, the resolve that a womyn's breast is not a sex object, why we still have this puritanical point of view while Europe in increasingly rejecting this ?

What are the clear implications to creative style features in American fashions once some of the base issues become clearer? And more impportantly, which American city is going to take the first step ?

All the while this is going on why are retros assuming a permenant and at times growing marketing nitches? Seeming'ly only in America.

Lastly, in the past advant of AID's destroying the leadership of American fashions during the 1980 - 1990, quess who is filling in the void, and where did they get their initial experiences ? Victoria Secret ? Wicked Fashions ?

With the once dominate Europeans now being over-shaddowed by Asian dominance, especially from Tokyo, and the growing power of and other groups related groups and blogs, we are on the verge of new era of fashion who are smiliarly looking at these issues. Post feminism is developing more diversity in lifestyles at the sametime. They plus other monitored internet groups, especially those sponsored by MSN, and Yahoo for free clearly indicates a growing shift to what the Europeans are doing. In addition. in every advocate rape and sexual program nation wide, " What a women wears is not any grounds for violation, or any question concerning her integrity, but is solely her own right to do so." Anti - Rape Task Force, State University of New York at Buffalio, University of Buffalo. These two elements are converging and is it how and when which the more serious discussions should be focused. Also, and reports which are trace'able concerning this topic should likewise be added.

Mr. Roger M. Christian

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