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Sergei Zubov
 July 22, 1970  Moscow, USSR  Drafted by New York in 1990 (5/85)
Acquired in a trade with Pittsburgh in 1996 now with the Dallas Stars .

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" ispo's " Russian - Moscow Web News

Story Boards:
Story Boards:
Kazakistan wins the Bronze medal, at the end of a match dominated against a dull Finland. The match begins slowly, with not many significant actions and a great confusion on the rink.
At the eighth minute comes the first goal of Kazakhistan by Alexandr Shin, one of the best players of today’s match. Three minutes after Strelchuk scores another goal and at the closing of the first period Kiberlein, on a perfect assist by Cherapanov, surprises the Finns with another goal.
The second period begins, and this time Pesonen scores a goal that reawakes the hope of the Finns supporters.
But it’s just a flash in the pan: for the second time Shin places the puck in the net, taking advantage of the numerical superiority of his team. The Finns try a recovery and thanks to the trio Kohler-Virta-Kuusela score the goal of the 4-2 .
In the third period Kazakistan tries to maintain its result, and the Finns aren’t able to change the situation. A few seconds before the end of the match, Medvedev  taking advantage of the absence of the Finnish goalkeeper, replaced by another attacker, scores the goal that ends an undiscussed match.
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Selecting Plants
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Landscaping: How To
Selecting Plants


Russia awarded hosting rights to 2007 IIHF World Championship

The International Ice Hockey Federation announced today that Russia will host the 2007 IIHF Men's World Championship.

Russia edged out two other nations, Germany and Sweden, for the right to host the annual World Championship. The host nation was announced following a vote by the IIHF Semi-Annual Congress at Hersonissos in Crete, Greece.

Russia won by a landslide 66 votes, to Germany's 16 and Sweden's 11.

Canada withdrew its bid prior to the voting and deferred its bid to 2008. See other press release or

The Czech Republic will host this year's World Championship in the cities of Prague and Ostrava. Austria has the hosting honours for 2005 (in Vienna and Innsbruck) and Latvia will present the tournament in 2006.

Russia has hosted the World Championship once in 2000 in St. Petersburg since the former Soviet Union dissolved. Most recently, Russia took home the silver medal at the 2002 World Championship in Sweden. It also won the gold medal in 1993. The former Soviet Union hosted the World Championship five times and has a total of 34 World Championship medals, including 22 gold.

Russia's candidate cities for 2007 are St. Petersburg and Moscow and the Russian Ice Hockey Association will finally select one of the cities. If the World Championship is in St. Petersburg, it will be held at the same arena as the 2000 World Championship. Moscow will build a new arena if it is named the host city of the 2007 World Championship.

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Moscow Sport Press Releases:
The Moscow Open            Chess Gaming:
Items of Interests:
553 players take part in Open “A” and “B”: 56 grandmasters (7 women), 71 masters (8) and 68 FIDE masters (24)
The Russian players are the most numerous at the tournament – 501 chess players. There are 21 players from Ukraine, 4 from Moldavia, 3 from Azerbaijan; 2 from Uzbekistan, Georgia and Latvia… Twenty two countries take part in the festival.

A glimpse into a world very outside of Russia or Moscow would ever know.  RMC/Editor

The winners of the children tournament “C” are known. They were 4 age groups. 277 young chess players from different Russian regions took part in the tournament “C”.
In the group “under 15” Ivan Aldohin from Omsk have become the winner. He has gained 7,5 points from 9. Thus he had 1 point more then his main competitors: Dmitriy Gluhenkiy (Balakovo) and Dmitriy Svetlov (Kstovo). Tamriko Gavasheli from Kislovodsk has become the winner among girls. She has gained 6 points. Diana Saigullina from Perm has gained 7 points, 4 players has gotten 6,5 points. Ramil Sadykov from Kazan managed to win according to extra factors. The fight was very tough in the group “under 11”. Both Maksim Lugovskiy (Kurganinsk, Krasnodarskaya region) and Grigoriy Palchun (St Petersburg) gained 8 points from 9. Maksim managed to head off Grigoriy thanks to extra factors. Four chess players got 7 points. Among them Anna Styazhkina who has shown the best result among girls. Mikhail Antipov has the best result among boys. Andrey Popov (Essentuki) with his 7.5 points became a sole leader in the group “under 9”. Mark Edmin (St Petersburg) has the 2nd place and the 3rd place went to Anatiliy Vinogradov (Bratsk). Both of them have half a point less than a leader and again the extra factors were very helpful in defining the winners. Veronika Aniper has shown the best result among the youngest girls.

The eighth round in Moscow open 2007 was very amicable as it seldom happens. In “Open A” eight games out of ten at first tables finished with a draw. Eugeny Najer (Moscow) wasn’t an exception: he made ) a draw with Pavel Smirnov (Mezhdurechensk) at the 18th move. Having half a point less Dmitry Svetushkin had a chance to tie the score with Eugeny Najer, but his game with Alexey Dreev finished also with a draw at 37th move. Thus one round left leader is Eugeny Najer who has 7 points out of 8. He is followed by Pavel Smirnov and Dmitry Svetushkin who have 6.5 points. The last one has to fight with the leader tomorrow. Perhaps exactly in that game a leader of Moscow open 2007 will be determined. Also Vasily Emelin from St. Petersburg, who beated Andrey Rychagov (Moscow), and Murtaz Kazhgaleev from Kazakhstan, who beated Marat Askarov (Kazan), have 6.5 points. Eleven participants have 6 points.
Among women three chess players have the same result: Alisa Gallyamova (Kazan), Marina Guseva (Moscow region) and Mongol Bat Mongotuul, who has lived in Moscow lately,- 4.5 points.
In “Open B” the leader has changed. Ilya Nyzhnyk from Vinnitsa stopped Viet Tuong Nguyen from Vietnam, who had played with one-hundred-percent result. Now this talented sportsman, who is 10, is at the top of tournament roll. Three players have half a point less - Viet Tuong Nguyen, Artiom Pechnikov (Kirzhach) and Sergey Fokin (Ekaterinburg) – all of them got 7 points.

Muscovite Evgeniy Najer didn`t manage to continue his winning streak. Playing black in the 7th round he played draw with Vladimir Malakhov (Dubna, Moscow region). But this fact didn’t prevent Najer from staying the sole leader with his 6.5 points at Moscow Open 2007. Pavel Smirnov (Mezhdurechensk) and Dmitriy Svetushkin (Moldavia) have half a point left. Smirnov outplayed Konstantin Chernyshov (Voronezh) and Svetushkin left behind Moscow Open 2005 winner Farruh Amonatov (Moscow). Eleven-people-group have 1 point less than the leader. Marina Guseva from Moscow region shows the best result among women – 4.5 points from 7.
Nguyen Viet Tuong from Vietnam still remains leader in the tournament “B”. He has 7 points from 7. Tomorrow Nguyen will meet a young chess player Ilya Nyzhnik (Ukraine) who has half a point less.
There are two leaders in the children tournament “under 15” group: Ivan Aldohin (Orsk) and Pavel Shvydkin (Moscow). They`ve got 6 points. Eduard Hatoev (Barnaul) has the best result in the “under 13” group – 6.5 points. There are 5 chess players with 6 points in the “under 11” group. Among the youngest festival participants (under 9 years old) there are 3 leaders: David Paravyan (Moscow), Andrey Popov (Essentuki) and Mark Emdin (St. Petersburg). All of them have 6 points.

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