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Welcome to web site of one of the great pleasures in human civilization! Dining !
Dining out is one of the most pleasant elements to enjoy within our society. Thus everything must be right. For those who are dating for the first time, it is extremely important to find the right restaurant. Initial impressions are the key in everything we do. This goes tripple for those of us who initiates the date !
Every taste a moment of enjoyment. Thus. as it goes without saying, of what then transpires !
Everything and every item contained in this WebSite is based upon research. However, this is only to initiate the contents of this WebSite . The rest, then, is dependent upon you, the online user's imput. Thus you will note the internal surveys being asked of you. Moreover, this allows the ' National Stomach ' the awareness of who has the best food. More importantly it will be chosen by the average patrons who the restaurant industry solely depends.
Their, yours, voice which has been seldom heard ! It is for you the consumer and the restaurant owner who both needs this as a responsive and valued marketing resource, and, then, the service qualities are then fully chartered out, as the menues become breath taking themselves in their offering!
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Securing Restaurants In 23 Countries By 2013, Johnny Rockets Announces New International Division

Steve Devine Named President of Johnny Rockets International

PR Newswire

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., July 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- With existing restaurants in seventeen countries and expansion into six more by the end of this year, Johnny Rockets' continued growth outside of the U.S. is significantly impacting the chain's business.  Therefore, the Company's Board of Directors has announced that Johnny Rockets will officially establish an international division, headed by Steve Devine, the new President of Johnny Rockets International, effective immediately. Previously in the position of Executive Vice President, Franchise Development, Devine will continue to report directly to Johnny Rockets CEO John Fuller.

According to Fuller, "Going from 68 to the targeted 180 restaurants over the next several years, our international partners will require an increasing amount of corporate support and brand leadership. There's really no one better suited to provide that than Steve. He has worked either in or with every department in our Company and has always demonstrated outstanding brand-building and leadership skills. His drive to achieve the best possible dining experiences for our Guests is reflected in everything he does and we know that he will successfully grow and manage our brand's reputation around the world."

There are currently Johnny Rockets franchising agreements in countries throughout North and South America, Asia and the Middle East. Countries to be added this year include Nigeria, Indonesia, Morocco, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador. Additionally, there are plans for forty restaurants in Russia and for expansion of the brand's footprint in South Korea, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain. Future deals are in the works for Oman, Pakistan, Poland, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Costa Rica, among others.

Maintaining his position as head of all development abroad, Devine is now also charged with creating a team to work with Johnny Rockets' Restaurant Support Center to provide relevant tools to international partners and to ensure that the brand is represented cohesively around the globe.

States Devine, "I have a real passion for - and knowledge of - this brand. So, I'm genuinely honored that I was selected for this position and will continue to create and nurture relationships with quality operators that want to expand the Johnny Rockets brand overseas."

Prior to joining Johnny Rockets, in 2001, Steve led restaurant operations for Sizzler, Wrapsters and Kenny Rogers Roasters. He currently resides in Corona, CA.

SOURCE Johnny Rockets

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Deluge of fine wine dismays the French Jason Burke in Paris Sunday September 17, 2006 It is the ultimate irony. For the wine growers of Bordeaux, already suffering a financial crisis, the season has been too good.
Though the quality appears to offer hope of salvation, the quantity of the 2006 vintage is causing problems. This week the great wine fairs of France will open their doors and instead of being saved by huge profits on what experts say may be a vintage to rival that of last year - said to be the best for a century - winegrowers are likely to see prices collapse even further.
'Whatever we seem to do we get it in the neck,' said Mathieu Barbier, a Bordeaux-based winegrower. 'All the climatic conditions have been perfect and the grapes are magnificent... but the harvest is so large that prices are just going to dive again.'
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