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The Academic Senate House

This page is initiated with idea of attracting the attention of London's academic community to these Ithaca, New York sociocultural and sociopolitical related initiatives.
One:  The Inter - Cities Cultural Communications WebSite progra.
Two:  Seminars and Discussions of the full implications of Intercultural Communications  Their present and future roles.
Three:  The development of a popular movement which focuses and promotes " Cultural Democracy ." An the ongoing effrot, as a result of this Ithaca-RMC initiative the resulting coalition building. Furthernore, it is the overall affect of these issues which immediately bring to the attention its effects on European nationalisms.  The far more serious implications to European Unity, and who in the end will get what..  then one must look deeper and what affects this will have on The United States. 
There is a growing network
Euro - Quest, RMC [ HubSite ]  Night Life, RMC [ HubSite ]
WebSites:   The Ithaca Cultural Directory 
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Networking :

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Ithaca College Clubs and Students / Scholars ~  Cornell University Clubs and Students / Scholars ~ The Love Report Students Notes developed from Ithaca, New York [ The Student Love Center of America ]



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The Avant Garde WebSite

The Central [ WebSite ] " For " Cultural Democracy:  A method by which the active membership of the various INTERNET Groups have the means to focus on the development of physical organization within their cities, or region
The Academic WebSites " For " Cultural Democracy.  Cultural Democracy, An Evolving Essay, by Roger Meredith Christian.

In addition, there are two side initiatives which focuses on..
Moreover, this touches upon the critical perception that in order to bring about peace - Intercutural communications then become a form in which conflict resolution is employed-especailly when the Ethnological comparisons have much in common-Middle East commonalities have always existed. Thus a balnce perception is fully understtod.
The Foundation for Arab - Israeli Reconciliation-Ithaca, New York [ GroupSite ]
The Israel Information Center Ithaca [ GroupSite ]

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SocioCultural Related Blogs

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Ithaca, New York Academia [ WebSiteLink ]
Science Technologies, Public Policy and Ethics.  The central informative web site which details the leading factors of new science and the public policy and ethical  cancerns which emerges as a result


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