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Ukrainian Connection member Serg Usik

Romance fills the air. Young couples looking for a renewal of traditions and most of all making sure love is never again lost highlights the spirit and poeetic tone of Kiev's nightlife. The seat of both a nation and national cause to regain the Ukrainian civilization lost under decades of the Russo- Socialist tradgedies is its cause.
In their hearts, and a most remarkable deep well of literary affection to every visitor to this city as well as for all peoples of Russia the reemerging cultural city of Ancient Ukraine is most willing to give you its keys of a very warm welcome. For those who romanticises the Kiev's Disco and Night Clubs services the very aspect of needed physical and human warmth, where a kiss is worth a fortune, is at the center of Kiev's cultural expectations and aspirations.

Here are the keys....

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Kiev (Kyiv), October 2007
Al Teich

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Kiev trained Ballet Star Ivan Putrov now takes London in excellent dance performances.


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Ukrainian Connection member Serg Usik


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