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Cornell in Rome

Cornell in Rome is a study abroad program of Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art and Planning. It has hosted students in Italy since 1986. The program draws upon the historical and cultural resources of Rome, its museums, art and architecture, and the city’s beauty and complexity as an ancient as well as dynamic modern European city.

A semester in Rome provides a transformative experience for young, developing artists, architects, urbanists and scholars.Cornell University faculty are joined by internationally known scholars, critics, architects and artists in utilizing the city as a resource for instruction and inspiration. Courses are offered in architecture, art, urban studies, architecture history, art history, drawing, photography, architecture theory, contemporary Italian culture, European politics and Italian language.An extensive field trip program takes students and faculty to many regions of Italy beyond Rome for a total of about 20 days during the course of the semester.

The program is based at Palazzo Lazzaroni, a seventeenth century building in the historic center of Rome. It is equipped with architecture and art studios, classrooms, and library and computer facilities. Exceptional staff, fluent in Italian and English, ensure a smooth transition into Italian culture. Students live nearby in completely furnished apartments provided by the program, and enjoy daily contact with the urban life of a major, European city.
Cornell University Blog.

Science Technologies, Public Policy and Ethics.  The central informative web site which details the leading factors of new science and the public policy and ethical  cancerns which emerges as a result

The Goals of this site are:
Support of Free Scientific Inqury, and Open Research:
Proper review of all data to assure accuracy of all information published on this site:
Ethical considerations are also solicited so long as they do not in any manner what so ever seek to politicalize any field of research, or the innovator and scientist in the process of discovery.
More importantly, science and technology as both a field and profession must be totally responsiable for the security aspects of every innovation made.
This is assisted, networked and further developed by the following processes.
Public Access:  This feature makes the science more understandable to a larger population segment. Moreover, to inspire others with considerable academic experiences to formulate a democratic informative focus which assists greater comprehesion by the social, cultural, spiritual and political leadership about  major science and technological issues of today.

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