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Paris Street Styles
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Paris, France - the city's youth and their sociocultural competitive fashions [ Elle ] and trendsetters [ The Sartorialist Blog ] drives have been fully engage in setting the stage for future fashion creations [ Street Chic ]. After years of hearing about Tokyo Street Fashions dominating and absorbinng more and more of the European youth market inspired - once again - this recent revolution in teen styles. " This is our traditional way in being both French and Parisian." According to one Parisian teen youth in her blog.
To nobodys surprise this has triggered a reaction with teen in Milan and they are gearing up as they gather more inspiration from their Parisian girls freinds and boy freinds.  Outsiders are unaware of the growing European wide networking of dating behavior as the power of the Euro currency assist greater freedoms and options.

HRH Sirivannavari Nariratana
Recently she was the lead fashions designer Bangkok Fashions Week 2008

There are several reports that new'ly arrived social trendsetters, The 21 'sters, such as the Pincess Sirivannavari Nariratana Thialand have flock to Paris to be seen and written about - including what they are wearing [ Princess Nariratana was wearing selections by Dior's interpretations of Paris Street Fashions].

The overall view:
Americans have many stereotypes. This is especially true towards other cities like Paris while at the sametime not being able to see a fashions connection between Paris and Milan. Most are not aware of the cosmopolitan aspect of the emrging consciousness of European teens and young adults.  This has likewise created self - stereotypes which exist in one region to another here in the United States, IE New Yorkers' view toward Los Angeles teens.  The simple truth is that Europe is now developing its own superculture of youth; this is the real unity behind Europe and the sociocultural consequence of the new unified currency of the Euro.

Right now going to Paris is increasingly becoming a necessary right of passage for those who will become the new trendsetters here in America.  This was the way is was before World War II.  American youth and young adults and meeting with their Parisians age co - peers who are likewsie trendsetters advances, as it what going on now, the new genre which Paris Street Fashions are inspiring.

Many here still used to think Parisian are all dressed-up, as if they have just went down the catwalk/ runway. Nonetheless, as many American expatriots are now writting back home and in their blogs, and are discussing in their variouis meetups within Paris itself. now see the Parisians as being more simplified but still with that look of sophistication which makes the European distinction, IE. the way in which scrafs are draped over ones shoulder, in everything which exist with their visual view of fashions consciusness in seeing whats happening. They in turn similarly dressed out in Parisian Street Styles when returning home and noticed immediately heads being turned towards their direction.

To be dressed like millions of Europeans - each in his or her way has caused instant celeb status.  Its the 1920s all over again and both returning Americans and European youth culture, there are people who really wants keep up with the latest fashion trends and wear only what is being written about in both Paris and Milan who wear inexpensive brands which this new  style trend has created and don't care about the caprices of vogue. This is revolutionary, and now youth trendsetting as well-hopefully to socioculturally transcend over the Atlantic within the near future.

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