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Belly Dance, Dancing, Amateur, and Professional USA

Eli Del Negro


 Eli Del Negro is a mexican-italian bellydancer, currently living in Toronto.
She is definitly one of the very best bellydancers in Mexico.
 In Canada  she has performed in places such as Shiraz, Ambrosia, 1001 Nights and Myth Restaurant.
She's currently searching more places and venues to perform, therefore contact her via this e-mail offering her work.
Currently she has  two styles of shows. One, Traditional Bellydance, suits perfectly in Greek, Arabic, Fusion or Oriental Restaurants and Lounges.
The Other, Modern Bellydance Fusion, is a more energetic, uplifting performance, dancing to the newest trance, house, and electronic music. This goes perfect in private partys, social and special events, clubs, bars, concerts, etc.
The lenght of the show is usually 25 minutes, sometimes divided in two appearances with different costumes, and it can be adapted to different settings and audiences.
You can watch her  videos directly from the link provided on the site:
Her website is still in Spanish (will transate it soon) but meanwhile you might want to see it in order to see her pictures and videos, getting a more accurate idea of the show she is offering.
Here is the link to her youtube account, if you prefer going to the videos directly:
You may also  get in touch with her soon, talk more about her shows, and perhaps set the date and time to the first one of them!
Here is her contact information:
Eli del Negro