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From the Blog  Taoknitter .
Peggy, as usual, pointed out something I forgot to address in Pointing your Feet. She is my kinesiology editor.

She said...
It's good to reread this stuff. Thanks for re-posting. Kids have a hard time understanding how to point the whole foot when they are constantly told "point your toes!" Why are we using this language!?

I've started teaching my boys to sit and "reach with your feet" asking them to try and touch something just beyond the points- it's really helped them figure out all the muscles they can use to reach the something, and not crunch their toes under.

They are also (slowly) learning that sickling doesn't help- it seems kids tend to sickle when they try extra hard learning to point the foot. Perhaps the muscles that pull the ankle in are the most strongly developed by walking and running. Ann, I know you haven't worked too much with little kids, but what do you think? Am I way off base?

Right on about the language! Kids (and even older "kids") will do what they hear! My younger sister was a natural dancer, an incredible mimic. Her only training prior to college was dancing with me. We were also pom-pon girls together in high school. As far as I was concerned, Katie had terrible, tragic feet...continued click blog above ....
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