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InterNet usage and search engine optimization, at first, seems to be becoming more and more difficult, especilly in trying to figure all the search engine algorithms, and they are  becoming more complexed with what they reguard, and without outside consensus, to be most important. Never the less, the one main ingrediant which is still most effective means, and thus a certain amount of security are backlinks; they almost never fail. 

None the less, links are a valued indicators in both a market based democracy, as well as an overall technical cultural democracy, as each link is a vote for your site.  Not to mention they also lead to be the final adjudication process within the overall global Internet systems now working.  There is also a prime ratio of a sorts between outsourcing links to insourcing [ known as the authority links ] links as well.When you receive links to your website, search engines view this as a vote for your site. Value is dependent upon the authority link page ranking standings.

The various means of attracting links and those in which you will need"

1) Reciprocal linking - this is largely the prime responsiability of the  webmasters, and those who are likewise S.E.O.s as well are agressively going after links, and once you are contacted you should immediately follow upon this golden moment to increase the market'ablity of your website.

2) One-way linking - this can be from many methods. Write articles and submit to article directories, add a link in your sign in forums, post opinions on blogs with a link back to your site (providing that the site owner does not mind!), and link directories.

There is no doubt that one-way linking is more powerful than reciprocal linking by a long way. Also consider that reciprocal linking should be conducted with sites that are relevant to your own websites theme.

Link building using your chosen keyword is also important. For example, should you have a website that you would like to rank highly in search engines for the phrase “Dog Beds”, then if possible have website owner’s link to your site using the search term as the actual link to your site. This shows the search engines that your site is relevant to this keyword phrase, and will rank it highly should you receive many links like this. Merely gaining links to your site is not the ONLY optimization that you must do for your site, as mentioned earlier, but it is certainly a significant contributing factor in search results.

An important note to remember is to never link to “link farms”. These are sites that contain hundreds upon hundreds of outgoing links on one page. Search engines do not tend to look upon them favorable, and in any case if your link is also on this “link farm” page, the benefit will be minimal due to the large number of other links taking a share of the value of links from the page.

There are many free article directories, and free link directories where it is possible to gain good quality links to your site. However, paying for a link from a link directory is often very rewarding. You may find that paid directories will guarantee the acceptance of your website within hours to a couple of days. This is compared to many free directories often taking months to review your submission, and may not even approve it in the end. There are some exceptions but the key is to find them. Another good point to remember is that many new link directories that are well setup will possibly have categories with very few websites currently accepted. This provides a great opportunity to submit your site to benefit from the page’s link value to the fullest.

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