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The Inter - City Cultural Communications WebSite program, InterCultural Communications, Critical Path Analysis - Methodologies, and Cultural Democracy all employed in the promotion of the porper use of the INTERNET as a contributing factor in human affairs.


Miss Svetland Shelest - Now in Moscow.
Mr. Roger Meredith Christian

In the Cultural Democracy, An Evolving Essay, the emphasis on inclusivity is central to every other project undertaken by Roger Meredith Christian.  This all started with the creation of the Inter - City Cultural Communications WebSite program between various American and European Cities.  This, in turn,  sparked the INTERNET development and uasge of both InterCultural Communications , Critical Path Analysis - Methodologies, and Creative Porblem Solving Methods..

The combination of which proving a success in mounting a ratings effort, to get heard and seen, as well as creating vital information resources to attract online users as members to the various INTERNET groups, and organizational memeberships now being established.  Thus a network is emerging.  Of which and included are additional information - resources experiences by the creation of the popular - The Israel Information Center Ithaca, and the more effective - The Foundation for Arab- Israeli Reconciliation-Ithaca, New York, and of which have already established MSN Groups.

The variouis WebSites, GroupSites, JournalSites, and BlogSites  History:


On Rogers Online Diary you will finds the ongoing - evolving histroical notes of this development, and some of the leading factors why Mr. Roger M. christian undertook this effort.  What was not clearly made was that Mr. Christian's effort started out as a means to reach out side Tompkins county for future dance client customers.  This accounted for half of his classes , as he faced major resistance within the strange dance community of Ithaca, New York.
Also, he had various interest, and in which needed an outlet.  Why not the INTERNET, and the way several systems are now established, there are a growing list of service INTERNET providers who are desperately looking for content WebSites.  All of which became the INTERNET platform successfully used and exploited by Mr. Christian's public service initiatives.