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Organ Concerts: Its free but leave a donation.
Dear Joanie:
Greetings from Paris.
I think I've seen this concert listed somewhere.  It should not be a problem getting into the concert.  It could also be that this concert is free of charge.  There are often many concerts in the city churches that are presented free.  If there is a ticket cost it is normally not that high.  Tickets are usually on sale at the church that the event would take place.  I've purchased tickets on occasion for concerts held at other churches in town.  It has always been quite easy to do.  You should see posters for the event in or around the church.  Normally Mr.Roth is the Sunday organist for the 10:30am mass at Saint-Sulpice.  He does go off to play in other cities in the world, but usually Daniel Roth is playing on a Sunday morning. 
You won't be turned away if you are dressed as you normally would be when going to church.
Have a great time.
St. Pauls, London

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