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comment: Georgian dance theater "Legacy" was founded only two years ago by dancers of Sukhishvili Georgian National Folk Dance Ensemble - Maka and Eka Vacheishvili. This new Ensemble has very big successes in Georgia and in neighboring countries. Legacy has his own style of dancing of Georgian Folk Dances. Year 2006 was very fruitful for us, because we won Georgian Award of Best Ensemble - 2006 on the Iliko Sukhishvili Competition, prize "Gold laurel (bay) leaf" and Gold medals for all members of Ensemble. We participated in Georgian TV Festival "Gold Eagle"-2006 and we won Laureate Award, prize "Gold Eagle" and Gold medals for all members of Ensemble.
Ensemble has big successes in Turkey, Israel and in Armenia. Right now our aim is to participate in International Festivals and Competitions and find new foreign supporters. In October 2007 we'll present our full program in Georgia and then would like to arrange commercial Concerts in different countries. We're calling to interested Impresarios and other interested peoples or organizations to participate in our full program to plan future cooperation and collaboration with our Ensemble. We can send you photos of our Ensemble and appropriate video records. Georgian Folk dance Group LEGACY, was founded in 2000. The artistic director and the choreographer of the group LEGACY is Eka end Maka Vacheishvili, professional artist laureate of world festivals. Georgian choreography incorporates different types of dances: solo, double, mass, women, and men, as well as mixed dances. Among them we have to distinguish the dances with social, entertainment, war and lyrical themes. Since th!
e founding of the group in 2000 LEGACY has shared the richness of Georgian cultural heritage, Georgian folk life through the music and dance with audience in various countries of the world. The talent of the dancers, the richness of the choreography and the joy of life displayed by them have captured the hearts of millions of people. The young artists perform traditional dances representing various time periods of Georgian history, from the ancient times to the dances of 19Th-20Th century.
LEGACY is a colorful coalition of highly talented young exceptional artists-dancers who by their level of performances are not inferior to professional artists. The dancers have been noted for their ability to move gracefully on the stage, for their artistry and grace. Right now our group is going to Aberdeen, Scotland to participate in International Youth Festival of Arts. Please send us all the information through the email regarding the materials which you need to register our group to take place in your festival next year. For more information, here are my contact details If you will have any questions please contact me.. Mr. Shalva TevdoradzePR Manager of Georgian Dance Group "Legacy"e-mail: Dance Group's Website: Group's Personal E-mail: legacydansegroup@yahoo.comcell: + 995 58 205 200 We will be waiting for you response.. Thanks in Advance
P.S. I am attaching some pictures from our last SOLO Concert, so that you get the idea wh :) Sincerely Mr. Shalva Tevdoradze

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