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Get this. Everything which is action, fun related, romance in virtual fever while noting increased action during the cold winter nights surround the words -THE BLAA.. Right. The iconic night club / nightclub which operates within the Grünerlokka district in a converted factory. But the word does not represent what is going on there [ Being a live center of varied musical performances between techno, soul, hiphop, house, electronica, rock and pop.]. The people of Norway are very physical, lots of energy, and have a romance culture which in some aspects can be ethnologically traced to their Viking heritage; thus the women...WoW...well you get the point.

There are additional nightlife sociocultural components which other cities should pick up on.

The innovation of sheltered smoking areas. It was discovered better than, than not as many became more sick trying to light up to take a puff, again, during either the cold winters and raining season. Norway is radical smoke free, but with common sense at the sametime.

Since there is lot of action means there is money to be made and as s result many popular European DJs places Oslo as one of their wanted GiGs. It adds beaf to their  'Rep', as result of playing in Oslo to an increase in what they are paid. The Concert scene is where most of the hot money and entertainment action is. And " THE WORD BLAA" once again appears in major concerts entertainers list of GiGs as well. The city is a real magnet. Most of which is truely Jazzy with Sass [ Girly centered.] till about 3:00 AM.


Euro - Quest
Welcome to your web site!

This WebSite's missions is to promote Inter - City Cultural Communications between Oslo, Norway, and Ithaca, New York.  Second'ly to provide a website which will promote " The City of Ithaca, New York as the Cultural Magnet Destination  City of the Tri State region of New York, Pennsyvainia, and Ohio. 

Welcome to Oslo Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC. Wanted are your press releases on all cultural events and weekly social events & photos. Send via.. email below.

Email:  ithacafalcon@aol.com

washington dc nightlife lips magazine reporting in.  washington dc nightlife models too

This WebSite Euro - Quest, is an important part of " an Inter - City Cultural Communications WebSite program between the Europens Cities of Athens, Berlin,Kiev, London,  Los Angeles, Madrid,  Moscow, Oslo, Paris, Pragau, Rome, and the American City of Ithaca, New York.

Euro - Quest was initiated as a result of suggestions from a couple students attending Cornell University.  Since then the idea has grown. And I will not stop here but will add on more ideas-as IO get suggestions to publich them.  As you will note, below is the suggestion form. Please, fill it out.
What you, the community online internet users of Oslo, Norway will be contributing to is civic pride. This gives the community of Oslo opportunities in contributing to the establishment of Cultural Democracy - as a result of your valuable imput.

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