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London's ever moving, foggy at times, darken sensual nightlife scene is where the world's center of Pub - Hopping exist.  The Pint of Ale still rules.  Remember to be most respectful of the serving maids; this is a must. Moreover, with the various building booms, the city actual vibrates with youthful zeal sending virtual cultural and vibrant social revolutionary waves and trends all over Europe.

Recently with a greater influx of visiting Internationals the nightlife, as their influences are triggering a real party bonanza, is now starting to extend over its previous 11 PM understood curfew.  The action and time target is now 2:00 AM.

Youth, youth, and more youth are now invading every aspect of London NightLife.  They are coming in from the Midlands, such as Birmingham and Manchester bring these cities recent innovations of Techno, and at time their adaptation of " The Blues". And those from the continent of Europe are likewise heading in to join in some of the greatest after hours parties in Europe- a real Buzz__z___z__z.

Gosh-Avant Garde, and with a sprinkling of Gothic dressed and fashioned sensed trendsetters, one has a hard time to view this new London scene as the city of Dickens or the present Queen-though respected as she still is by everyone; The Liz still has their love.  Why?

The downtown nightlife area literally dances in the pop-cultural clubs are likewise inhabited by leading contemporary superstars; they too want to party. What more fantastic everyone is most respectful of new visitors - something in which Paris should copy.

Euro - Quest
Welcome to London England!

In your Euro - Quest London becomes an important stop over.  Here are some of the highlights and areas in and around London's night life. This is an example  of the citiy's cultural of history, styles, and culture.

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This is an Inter - City Cultural Communications WebSite program between the cities of London, England, and Ithaca, New York.

On this site you'll find information about our respected communities, along with descriptions of  specially selected cultural interests and initiatives. I feel you will find all of the information you are looking for about how to build better human relations and understandings, as a result of your Euro - Quest.

Scenes Of London
Nick Vivian

washington dc nightlife lips magazine reporting in.  washington dc nightlife models too

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A City of History.

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London sweeps awards and emerges clear winner as 'European city of the future'


London has swept the board and emerged as this year’s number one European location in fDi magazine’s 2008 Cities of the Future shortlist, published by the Financial Times.

Cities and regions were asked to provide information in areas such as economic potential, volume and number of investment projects.

London scored top marks in the following categories:

  • Top 50 European cities overall: London
  • Top 25 Most attractive for FDI: London
  • Top 10 Major European Cities: London
  • Top 10 Most Business Friendly: London
  • Top 10 Best quality of life: London and
  • Top 10 Best Infrastructure: London.

Commenting on the results, Michael Charlton, Chief Executive of Think London, the foreign direct investment agency for London said: “ This is fantastic news for London. We continue to be the number one European destination for foreign direct investment for businesses looking to globalise and this is thanks to key strengths including our top ranking infrastructure and business environment. On top of these individual achievements, we have claimed the biggest prize too - top European City overall - something we can be truly proud of.”

indian_business_reception_ken_livingstone_nov07__149_110Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone said: "London is the international city of the world not only in terms of the business it conducts but also with more nationalities in the capital than any other place on the planet. It is a city that has moved ahead of all others because it has embraced globalisation and is again now opening itself up to the rapidly growing market economies of China and India. It is a city that is on the cutting edge of international technology, finance and business with the greatest choice and life styles available to its citizens of anywhere on earth. At the same time its Climate Change Action Plan is internationally recognised as one of the most advanced in any city in the world.

“In short London is leading the world in terms of the key trends at the beginning of the 21st century. This is reflected by this and other surveys that show why internationally London is held in such high regard.”

Think London has a proven track record of helping overseas businesses set up, succeed and grow in the capital, and has helped more than 1,000 companies from 43 countries since 1994.

Westminster Abbey

The Central [ WebSite ] " For " Cultural Democracy.

Panoramas, Cultural on-line Videos on London, & Live Web Cams of London.
Tower of London

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87 Uptown Road,
Ithaca, New York
607 - 279 - 9945
A Tri - Falcon and Dove Dance Academy pubic service division


What The B.B.C. did was to greatly invest in a series of panoramas, live wbcams, sociocultural video news reports, along with photographic guided tours of the sights to see in and around London.  Thus is you really want to plan your trip a head time, the B.B.C. is right now helping you to do that already ! RMC / Editor
The Crystal Place Panoramas: Index WebPage to several locations ( 9 in all ) of this historic location.
London City Hall Panoramas:  See all of London in an arial views with 360 degres rotation in which you can hold and zoom in on a historic landmark of London Night Life & and Day Life too !

Videos .

BBC's Special Sociocultural focus of London NightLife, and social life: Daily video reports on the various social and cultural aspect on Londoners.


The historic water way of the Thames River .

The London district of West London .

A City of Styles..
Big Ben, London


Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC  Theater / Theatre GuideWebSite ]

Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC - Art Gallery - Galleries, Artists, and Art Studios Guide [ WebSite ]  European Sports Network, RMC [ WebPage ]

The Avant Garde ~ Entertainment and Recreation [ WebSite ]

Highly recommended for Student- Scholars.
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International Section:
For World Dance News E-Zine ( Ezine ) Read World of Dance Visions  [ click on WebSite here ].  Inernational Cultural Fiesta Movement [ click on WebSite here ]. If you are pro Israel, or peace in the Middle East then ... [ click on for Israel Information Center Ithaca ].  Then [ click on The Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation-Ithaca, New York WebSite ] - Balance by each concerns.  International Dance Resources [ WebSite ]

Les Avant Garde
Academic WebSite

Big Ben and Parliament building

In addition:  Foundation For Arab - Israeli - Reconciliation-Ithaca, New York [ Hub - WebSite ]  Join one of the most imprtant discussion groups @ [ ]  Israel Information Center Ithaca [ Hub - Webpage ]

London Promotionals:

Tower Bridge


London England : Your guide to London England.  Find information on everything London including tourist, attractions, hotels, jobs, classifieds, personals and dating, entertainment, shopping, businesses, bars, clubs, pubs, and real estate.

Richmond Upon Thames, Surrey, Greater London: A comprehensive guide to London Upon Thames, Surrey, London, Greater London, England.

Useful Links - Richmond Upon Thames, Surrey, Greater London
London Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC An Inter - City Cultural Communications Website program between the cities of London, England, and Ithaca, New York.

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Selected cities from the region of London Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC are :
  Kingston Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC  .Edgeware Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC  . Sratford / Sratford Upon Thames Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC  . Crayford Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC  . Richmond Upon Thames Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC  .

One of leading London's based cultural - musical blogs. The author calls it Young  British Nationalist.



A City of Culture.

Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC - Restaurants Guide [ WebSite ]


Dance Cities:
Ballet and Modern Dance Cities  ~  Ballroom Dance Cities  ~  Hip  Hop and Modern Jazz Dance Cities  ~  The Latin / Salsa Dance Cities  ~  The Swing Dance Cities.
A Tri - Falcon and Dove Dance Academy pubic service division. The Dance Alumni and Social Dance Empowerment WebSite - Dance is Fun in London, England

To Take Flight and Dance

Night Life ( NIghtLife ), RMC ~ Night Sports Clubs ~ Nite Spots GuideWebSite  ]

National and International Sports Fan [ WebSite ]

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St. Pauls, London

The public service efforts of Mr. Roger M. Christian.

Big Ben and Parliament building

The Victory Column




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A City of History.

See how traditional forms of architecture is being used within contemporary architectual designs in London by review this online news item on Londonist's Back Passage . Incliding a photo of Princes Arcade London .



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Early London

Although there is some evidence of scattered pre-Roman settlement in the area, the first major settlement was founded by the Romans in AD 43, following the Roman invasion of Britain. This settlement was called Londinium, commonly believed to be the origin of the present-day name, although a Celtic origin is also possible.

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